When to work out? Whenever you can!

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Here are two similar but quite different questions:

1. What time do you like to work out?

2. What time do you work out?

There are scientific studies and surveys and talking heads all giving their input about different benefits associated to exercise during different hours of the day. Early risers, night owls, or somewhere in between… When you sweat may determine your workout results!


Working out in the morning is a great for those who have a hard time with exercise consistency or have children in school and this is “Me Time”. According to Cedric Bryant, PhD., and Chief science Officer with the American Council of Exercise, believes, “Research suggests in terms of performing a consistent exercise habit, individuals who exercise in the morning tend to do better.” However, in the morning our body temperatures are lower so if you choose to workout at this time, make sure your warm up is longer in the beginning.


According to American Counsel of Exercise, or ACE,  an afternoon workout may be the most optimum time to exercise. In the  late afternoon, our body temperatures are at its highest and can be ideal for strength and endurance workouts. According to the information found on their website ACEFitness.com, “When body temperature is at its highest, your workouts will likely be more productive; when your temperature is low, chances are your exercise session may be less than optimal.” Another benefit of your raised temperature, your risk of bodily injury decreases.


There are some that love to workout after work or after the house is asleep.  In general, exercise can improve sleep quality, resulting in a better night sleep. However, a late night workout may hinder a good night sleep. Ensure that your workouts ends at least two or three hours before going to bed. Exercising too close to bed time can interfere with your sleep or even create insomnia. Being very active close to bedtime hinders your melatonin production and keeps your adrenal glands highly engaged and hanging on to understand when it is time to release the body.

No matter the time of day, the most important thing is that you set up time to exercise. The only way you will know what time of day is right for you to workout is by creating a schedule and trying it out! If you are in a rut or just can’t get movitivated, mix up your workout times, get a workout buddy and try a favorite class just at a different time. Set up exercise sessions at different times of day for a couple of weeks. Then ask yourself what time of day felt the best for the type of workout you did, and how that workout fits into your daily schedule. Your response to these questions will give you a clear answer to when is the best time to exercise, and will help you create and adhere to your new daily workout schedule.

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