Weekly Tips for September 17, 2012

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Some of you may know, I had to have back surgery this summer, when a disc fragment broke off and decided to do a full crunch around my L3 & L4 nerves. I am told it happens commonly, except when mine was so big the only way for relief and living again was surgery. The disc fragment happened in late March and after months of PT, shots, rest and terrible medications, I was able to get the surgery. Then there is the recovery! I was advised it would only be 6-8 weeks, however I don’t do anything “normally”. The last month has been brutal for me because  I feel good but was still under my doctor’s th;umb. Just late last week, he finally released me, after 10.5 weeks. Now the rebuilding begins.  I have lost almost 75% of the strength in my right leg and glute due to these nerves being traumatized.  Today, was my second appearance at the gym with no limitations and I made it count!

Why am I blabbing on about this, I learned a two very important lessons during my down time the past 5 1/2 months.  The first lesson I learned is as much as some of us maybe “addicted” or “fitness freaks”, our family and their happiness is just as important as ours.  My kids were able to have a summer of their wishes and whims and not babysitters when I have to be at the club, with a client, or getting my sweat on.  My husband noticed how stress-less this summer was and mentioned it.  True, it was. I wasn’t getting up at o’dark in the morning to get a partial workout in before he left for work and I wasn’t trying to workout at home with the kids interrupting me.  [Doesn't it boggle your mind how much you are in the zone during a workout that a mere interruption of 'can I eat something' drives you bonkers?] So, when you “NEED” your workout, remember your kids “NEED” you and they may not “NEED” you much longer, so enjoy it now.

The second important lesson I learned was be thankful for what you have, but a little jealousy just makes you strive harder.  I was thankful my surgery was a success, I was thankful I wasn’t paralyzed or had to have more surgery, I was thankful I could handle my household duties three weeks post-surgery. But there was that piece of me that was seriously jealous of my friends who could workout without limitations, could go for a beautiful sunset run, water-ski, surf, kayak, paddleboard, swim.  My family kept giving me the speech about how lucky I am to be strong, healthy and able to recover. However, the down time aka recovery time was killing me. How about a few planks, push-ups, bicep curls?

These two lessons have really given me a new perspective on my life, my fitness, my health and my family.  They ALL are so important to me, it just takes something to make you stop and realize they are there, you have made them and you cherish them.  If you miss a day at the gym, it’s ok. Look at your family and smile, this is much stronger than any barbell!


In the week following 9/11 memories, arrange to pay anonymously for a soldier’s breakfast when you see him or her dining alone. Sept. 11 is one of those days that I feel so proud to be an American and so sad for all the lives lost and tragedy.

Personally we have done this for a couple at dinner and a young soldier traveling alone at the airport.  These Americans give so very much, it is a small way to say “Thank you!”.


If you are on the westside of the country, we are in a serious drought.  Not to mention a crazy month long heat wave!  Here are some green tips on saving water for any part of the country. Click here for Simple Water Saving Tips. We could definitely use them at our launch pad!


It must be due to the month, weather, season or the fact I just love pumpkin anything. It is on my brain. But how good is pumpkin for you? Check this out!!

Pumpkin is good for you


And since we are on the topic of pumpkin and orange, here is this week’s recipe, roll on over to the Food Tab for Pumpkin Zucchini Bread!


3 Responses to “Weekly Tips for September 17, 2012”

  1. Tina 18 September 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    Yay!!!! That was a fast 10 weeks, well from my perspective anyway, I’m sure it wasn’t so fast from yours! Glad you’re on the mend and looking forward to some good walks/runs/etc. with you again.

  2. Heather 18 September 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    Hey Dana-
    Glad to hear you are in recovery… I totally hear ya with the pain and inconvenience of not being able to work out in full force/regularly… I too had surgery 2 weeks ago for chronic shoulder pain that had been going on for a year and 4 months!! So much for prioritizing my pain!! I had calcification build up that then tore into my rotator cuff and then majorly irritated my bicep so he had to cut one of the tendons in there to get back full range of motion…so yeah…just about ‘everything’ you do with your right arm killed for quite a while… from driving to pouring milk.. endless chronic pain… when it started to effect sleep I knew I was in trouble… Lance was fed up when he found me on the couch with tons of pillows under my shoulder b/c that was the only painfree way to sleep!!
    So yeah.. I’m back in PT for 20 visits and already am so stoked to be pain free that I am back out walking and enjoying the valley where we live and I can’t wait to get back into healthy shape… I agree too with the neglecting the kids thing for a workout… at times I admit I think people get selfish with it…as long as you trust yourself to be consistent and not overly obsessive about it…there’s nothing wrong with lazy summer days either.. they hold some of the best memories of my life and I’m hoping they will for my kids too!!

    I just read that in 2030 half of Americans will be obese…it’s 1 in 3 now.. how can this be??? Just 3 words people!! Eat right.. exercise… I mean..??? If you don’t know that for crying out loud… anyway..

    All the best to you guys and keep in touch…we’ll be out here a few more years b/c we love it so much!!! So you guys have to come on back for another family getaway!! =)
    take care friend!! and thanks for the true/honest inspiration!!
    love, Heather

    • Dana 9 October 2012 at 9:40 pm #

      Thanks for the love and support, Heather. I cannot believe you are still messing with your stuff! Glad there is some end in site! Keep in touch and keep up posted on your recovery.

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