Weekly Tips for September 12, 2011

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Another long weekend thanks to the Yuma worker who sent most of southern California into a blackout for 12 hours last week. This sent moms wondering last week, do you have an Emergency Kit ready and accessible? What would you do if there was an earthquake, blackout, tornado, tsunami? A kit should have a number of items, click here for details

NICE: Know Your Neighbors

Take the time to at least know who your neighbors are.  Are they elderly? Do they suffer from an illness? Would you be able to contact them if you needed help? Or could you help locate them if they were missing, injured or a tragedy?

Some families are lucky to have great relationships with their neighbors and are more friends/family than just neighbors.  Some families could not even tell you their neighbors’ names or describe them in case of an emergency.

The recent blackout and memories of Sept. 11, have made it more prevalent to think about what would you do?

GREEN: Most Efficient Gaming System

Summer time is winding down.  Here come the holidays.  There are some RockIt Mammas that start their holiday shopping now or are almost done!  Here is a great article for those considering a gaming console for that big holiday gift.  Hint: the most energy efficient system has only three letters. Here are the good, bad and green.

HEALTH: Tips for Healthy Kids

Are your kids boycotting healthy food lately? Is every meal and snack a negotiation? Good news is most kids outgrow their picky eating habits. Which is comforting for the long term, but how do you handle the day to day combat? Don’t give up, keep on trying.  Make fruit and veggis fun and your “language” will make or break the negotiation. Here are more tricks of the trade for RockIt Moms to preserve!

FOOD: Skinny Crock Pot Dinner

Who has time for dinner lately? Soccer, homework, fall ball, karate, dance, more homework.  It kills this RIM that I can’t cook a healthy hot dinner for my family Monday through Wednesday because of all of our activities.  Was lucky to find this page on Facebook, Skinny Crock Pot. Finally, a crock pot recipe that is healthy and not full of cream, meat and gravy.  Here is this week’s yummy recipe: Black Bean Coconut Soup. Jump on over to Food for the details.

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