Weekly Tips for October 24, 2011

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How are you doing in that battle of you vs. Halloween candy? Ironically, it hasn’t been that much of a challenge lately for the RockIt Family.  We have been busy with family, birthdays and visitors. Energy levels lately seem to be really low, too. Is it the cooler weather? The early sunsets? Crashing sugar levels? Crazy schedules?  Here is our new thought for you to repeat when you have low energy:



Happy Last Quarter of 2011! Think back to how you rang in the New Year 2011.  Champagne and sparklers or jammies and popcorn.  Time to revisit those resolutions you made in January. Did you keep them, make progress or let them fade away. Here are 3 steps to take stock while enjoying a cup of tea and the fall colors.

1. Think of five positive changes in your life since January 1.  Take a deep look.  There are more than five.

2. Identify the resolution you broke most swiftly this year. The one you seem to repeatedly make and not keep. Look at it straight on and tell yourself you are going to cross it off the repeat list permentately.

3. Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in months.  It helps assess your year, becuase when you catch up you also review your life since the last time you spoke.  Carefully listen to yourself telling your friend what is going on in your life.


Zero Waste for Hallo-Green!

Here are some tips for keeping the green in your pumpkin.

  • Have too much candy? Try selling them back to a Halloween Candy BuyBack. Most dentist and orthodontists office are offering these programs and they then ship the candy to the troops.
  • Save your decor to use again next year
  • Recycle and compost everything you can
  • Go reusable: don’t use disposable napkins and plates, stick with the real ones!
  • Make your own trick or treat bags from cloth and fabric or paper grocery bags.
  • Swap costumes with your friends.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, if you haven’t already seen the plethora of PINK around the world this month. Here is an informative and hysterical video to remind you to check yourself and talk to your doctor if you have any questions or symptoms!


Pumpkin has so many great vitamins and health factors, but how do I cook with it except for pumpkin pie? Here are 11 Ways to Use Pumpkin.  Mac-n-cheese, chili, spaghetti sauce, hummus and even flan!

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