Weekly Tips for November 28, 2011

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Well, it is official — “The Holidays are here!”. Even though we still may think it is summertime here in Southern Cal or a warm autumn in the rest of the country, the calendar does not lie.


During this season of love, peace and joy, we need to remember there are ways to keep the Holiday Spirit while being “green”.

Do you have an old bicycle taking up space in your garage? Want to get rid of it but don’t know where or how to donate it? Here it is: Wheels of Change.  This foundation will ship your old bike (plus seats, helmets and pads) from the US to Africa. The bikes will be sold or low rental fees, while medical personnel and children ride for free.  To find a donation facility, visit www.wocinternational.org.


Heading out to shop today? The average woman walks 2.2 miles during shopping spree. We need to get our exercise in any way we can this season. Some extra tips to burn more!

1. Walk tall, shoulders back, chest proud, eyes forward.  Not only will you feel better, it will help you focus on that great find for Aunt Ethel.

2. Add some speed, don’t dwaddle. Caveat: don’t trip any of those slow pokes in front of you.

3. Isometric moves are great for the upper body. The more weight you have the more engaged your arm muscles are and torso.  What does this mean? More bags = more weight. Shop, shop, shop!!

4. Be sure to move that upper body. When trying on clothes, obviously for a gift, but you are just making sure they are “cute” enough, turn and twist that body. Do some squats to make sure the top doesn’t rise up and the pants have enough give.

5. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated.  Some malls have the heat on high, which is drying and dehydating. Stay away from the sodas, smoothies and coffee drinks. Keep the water close!

6. Park at the spots farthest away from the stores.  There are always more spots the farther away, it is some extra walking and a lot less stress than fighting that 1980 rusty gold Citation for a spot! Less stress is best!

For more information, click here.


Here is a different, easy and kid approved recipe, Turkey Pumpkin Lasagna. Check it out in our FOOD section.

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