Weekly Tips for Nov. 8, 2010

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Remember to stay focused and keep on pushing to maintain healthy habits and lifestyle through the holidays. Since the retailers like to start pushing Christmas in October, keep your wits about you. You are more than 7 weeks from the December holidays. Don’t eat that extra cookie, dessert, cake, cupcake, candy bar and think in 2011 I will be better. That is not what YOU are about. YOU are about being healthy, now TODAY! Stay in the zone. Get at least 30 min. a day of some type of movement (walk, dance, skip, shuffle around your parking lot, hula-hoop) and you will be ecstatic with yourself come 2011. You don’t want to be one of “those people” at the gym in January. You want to be a happy, confident woman keeping your routine in check.

GREEN – Donate your old glasses for Reuse and Recycle.

Do you have old eyeglasses or sunglasses lying around, have a lost screw or scratches, but yet good condition? Don’t throw them way – keep them out of landfill and help someone else in the process.

Lions Club International have been running Eyeglass Recycling Centers for some years. The organization will take prescription and reading glasses, sunglasses and plastic and metal frames. The glasses are sorted and the strength of the glasses is determined with a lensometer. After cleaning and packaging, the eyeglasses are then distributed to people in need around the world.  Lions Club have eyeglass recycling centers in the USA, Canada, Australia, France and Italy. You can learn more about how and where to send your glasses here.

If there isn’t a Lions’ Recycling center close, you can contact your local optical stores (LensCrafters, For-Eyes and Pearle) or some local libraries also have collection bins.  Clear sight can make such a difference in people’s lives.

HEALTH TIP – It is still dark out, I don’t wanna get up!

These dark fall mornings are going to make it tough to climb out of bed. When you should be up and the gym, hiding under the sheets is not a good alternative. Since, daylight saving ending today, hopefully these tips can help the not-so-morning people get up and get moving before the sun comes up.

• Before you go to sleep, either sleep in your gym clothes (which seems so college days) or at least lay them out next to your bed. Then you don’t have to think in the dark.

• Studies show doing some yoga stretches or general stretches in bed get your body moving.

• Fresh flowers in your room make you feel energized, per all those scientists. Just don’t keep stargazers in your bedroom, their strong aroma can hinder your sleep.

• If getting into the routine will take time, skip the gym, but get up and move! Put in a DVD, go to FITTV.com or even ON DEMAND has great workouts that are just as strenuous as being at the gym.

• This is one of the hardest, especially for moms, but GO TO BED EARLIER. A recent workshop shoes most women 30-63 yrs old do not get enough sleep. Less than 8 hours of sleep can cause lack of good judgment, overeating, and dizziness.

• Put your alarm clock in the bathroom or across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Keep moving it around, so it is not in the same spot all the time.

• Set your clock at least 25 minutes ahead of time. That way the first time it goes off, it shocks you out of REM and it makes the waking up process a little easier.

• Get a self-timed coffee maker. The aroma will get you out from under those sheets in no time. Just be weary of the self-grinders, they can scare you awake.

If you are an am workout queen, this type of early exercise can really burn that metabolism. In recent survey of RockIt Mom members, getting up and working out with just a small snack (banana/bar or yogurt) gives you a long term burn all day. So why not have a revved up metabolism, keep up that energy and make solid decisions. Now, what is your excuse?

RECIPE – Comfort Beef & Vegetable Potpie.

Head over to Recipes for this warm, yummy and easy potpie.  We tried it with chicken and chicken stock instead of beef. It was good and filling but a little bland.  Check it out and let us know what you would do it “spice” it up a little.

There is so much going on right now, so be sure to share with others your likes, dislikes, comments and input next week so we can keep compiling our weekly tips.

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