Weekly Tips for Nov. 15, 2010

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Since when did it become “OK” to do your Christmas/December decorating the day after Halloween?  Even my 7 yrs. old daughter remarked that “Thanksgiving is being skipped!”  We recently had “girl date night” at the mall.  Over six weeks before the “holidays” the trees are up, the carols are playing and the retailers are running their Black Friday specials two weeks early!  November is to ease into the holidays and give thanks.  Do you see the same happening in your towns?

GREEN – Recycle and Reuse Old Coats.

Do you have an outgrown coat/sweatshirt or one that just sits in the back of your closet?  Don’t throw them way – donate them to provide for a person in need with a warm coat free of charge. Contact your local churches, homeless shelters, YMCA or ONE WARM COAT.   There are a number of agencies that would happily take your donation and give it new life to someone else.

HEALTH TIP – Instant Joy Tricks

Redecorate your home easy and free.  The objects in your home can create worry.  Look around your home and change out any photos that remind you of a tough time in your life or anything that makes you feel a negative emotion when you look at it.

Go through your photos and print off some new ones that inspire and remind you of happy and healthy times.  Printer on the fritz and can’t get those off the camera, use a photos or scene from a magazine or page from a book. Or go to flickr and print a photo from the public pictures available to all.

Regain your focus to happy and healthy you ~ stop the piles of clutter in your home (magazines, newspapers, school notes).  Clear your desk of the mess.  A messy desk is a reminder of what you haven’t completed, the more organized you are the more you feel in control. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, not a catch-all for the junk that has no home.   Move out the junk, the piles and the mess and you will have a roadway to joy.

RECIPE – Delish Detox with Apple & Celery Root Salad.

Keep yourself healthy with this yummy and ultralight dish.  Head over to Recipes for easy and low calorie salad and a little extra hints on snacks.  Check it out and let us know if you liked it or would change it up a little.

There is so much going on right now, so be sure to share with others your likes, dislikes, comments and input next week so we can keep compiling our weekly tips.

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