Weekly Tips for May 24, 2010

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Tips from RockIt Mom:

1. GREEN- Not sure what to do with all your plastic hotel cards, empty gift cards, old library cards and expired rewards cards?  You can now recycle these cards at Earthworks.  This green company recycles all PVC plastic cards because they can add up to over 100 million pounds of PVC material a year.  Send these cards to Earthworks, C/O Halprin Industries, 25840 Miles Rd., Bedford, OH  44146.  Please do NOT send credit cards of any type of cards with a magnetic strip.  Get your gals, neighbors, friend and family to collect them, share the postage and send in bulk.

2. HEALTH-  Eucalyptus may improve your hair’s strength.  A recent study in Japan of Asians and Caucasians who applied 3% eucalyptus extract to one side of the head and a placebo to the other.  After doing this daily for three months, the extract side had improved bendability, elasticity and shine compared to the placebo side.  This treatment also works on hair follicles under the scalp to improve protein structure of emerging hair.  The study was conducted by Journal of Cosmetic Science at Kao Brands, which makes a line of John Freida hair products.  Try Freida’s Root Awakening for your own study. Going into summer, sun, beach, pool and other damaging factors, strength and strong hair structure is great for everyone’s hair.

3. RECIPE-  Try this spread about a teaspoon of pesto on half an English muffin. Top with 1 Tbsp. goat cheese, olives, red onion slices, and a quartered artichoke heart. Bake for 15-20 min. at 425 degrees.  Carbo conscious?  Try Thomas’ Bagel Thins whole wheat with 110 calories as a substitute for English Muffins.

Would love to hear from you on any ideas, suggestions, reviews and comments.  Love, love, love to hear all of them!  Remember to treat yourself daily, nothing huge.  A latte’, time to sit and enjoy the breeze, your favorite song as loud as it can go or even a shower when all phones are turned off!!

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