Weekly Tips for May 21, 2012

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Where does the time go? It seems like last week we were just talking about our New Year’s Resolutions, candy or not for Valentine’s Day! Now it is time to get ready for SUMMER! The most (2nd) wonderful time of the year! Working on the annual SUMMERTIME FUN FOR FAMILIES. It should be ready first of June, check back. There will also be a Mom’s Camp list that a friend put together that is phenomenal! Stay tuned… 


Just because school may be out for your kiddos, there are still children in our own country and all over the world in school through the summer months and in poverty.  How about adopting a class for your children, neighbors, playgroup friends, and family to help them out with school supplies. You can also exchange letters with these children.  Check out these sites for adopting a class; Adopt A Class; Hunter Life Education Adopt A Class and Adopt a Classroom.


Summer is time for BBQ, by using propane to BBQ with is much cleaner for our air than using wood or charcoal. If you must use charcoal try all natural Cowboy Charcoal and non-toxic, organic grill cleaning product like SoyClean.

Travel local on low environmental impact trips like to parks, woods, zoos, ballgames and the beach. The RockIt Family has many local summer trips planned. Be sure to jump over to for great summer ideas for Moms and Kids.


Natural sunscreens, made with organic and mineral sunblocks, are free of worrisome ingredients – but can cost an arm and a leg. Not these top-rated sunscreens: Each costs $6 an ounce or less. We have to protect our skin, but at what costs. Check these out and save your skin and wallet.


Jump on over to the Food Tab for Edamame Succotash. It is great for a dinner or chill it for a cool lunch.

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