Weekly Tips for May 16, 2011

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Honestly, this RockIt Mom is out of fuel.  It takes everything to get the daily chores done. The end of the school year, end of PTO and looking for next year’s volunteers/recruits, reviewing summer camps, Mother’s Day hangover, anniversary coming up and summer. Time to look at what is a rock and what is sand in my jar.


Send a letter or email to your child’s school about their teacher(s). Give them a review about how great they have been all year, how going the extra effort is greatly apprecaited and how your child has thrived in the class. Let the school know how much your child accelled in class. The principals probably doesn’t hear praise as much as they do criticism.


 Vinegar can help you in so many ways.  Here are 23 ways it can help in the kitchen, cleaning, pet protection and even some beauty tips.


Do you have 10 seconds? Here are 15 tips to make you healthier, slimmer, stronger and happier.


Did someone say “summer”? Try one of these 82 recipes for sparking summer cocktails.

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