Weekly Tips for May 1, 2011

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What a day!  Extremely proud to be an American!  I just heard a quote that is worth repeating, ‘This is a ‘I know where I was when…’ moments. I remember where I was when I found out about the attacks, and I will remember this.” Good riddance to an evil and heartless human.  The world is a better place. The utmost respect and admirations for our military!

With this appreciations, this week’s tips are based upon appreciating what we have and how lucky we are to live in the USA.


Take a moment to say “Hello and Thank you for your service and dedication.” to a soldier you see.  I was very impressed with my husband and father this weekend when we had dinner with a young marine.  They bought him a round of drinks and expressed their appreciation for his service. I see a young marine at the gym on a regular basis and tell her of how inspiring it is to see a young woman moving up in the military.


DIY Mother’s Day Gift - Homemade Spa Kit

Name one woman who doesn’t love a spa kit?  Conventional bath products aren’t very eco-friendly and they don’t have the heart of handmade. Here’s a quickie recipe roundup to create your own spa kit just for Mom.

In your kit add the following: DIY sugar scrub, bubble bath, lavender eye pillow, organic, homemade lotion and scented bath salts.  Package it all up in a pretty, thrifted recycled basket, and you’ve got a sweet, handmade Mother’s Day gift that’s eco-friendly too.


Does Sweating Really Release Toxins from Your Body?

It’s a health claim you’ve likely heard often in praise of saunas, sweat suits and hot yoga: sweating helps your body release toxins.

So, is this really true? To a certain degree, yes. But certainly not to the extent most Bikram yoga devotees want to make you believe that it is. “Only about 1 percent of any toxin will be released from the sweat glands,” notes Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Alabama. “Sweating does not release toxins. The powerhouse for detoxifying our bodies is the liver.”

And sweating too much without properly rehydrating may actually have the reverse effect on your body. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of dehydration include constipation and decreased urine output – thereby slowing down our body’s two main avenues of excreting toxins.


Getting ready for Cinco de Mayo on Thursday? Here is a vegetarian and guilt free taco recipe: Zucchini & Corn Tacos.

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