Weekly Tips for March 4, 2012

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Lots and lots going on around here — kids, soccer, baseball, swim team, school, homework, birthday parties, packing a friend for a big move along with the regular duties, have made squeezing that workout out in every day challenging but doable.


During the roller coaster economic times, a number of friends and their families have been forced to move, go to two income family or even move in with family. This is incredibly stressful for the friend and her family. We are extremely lucky at our launchpad to have RockIt Dad who keeps us all grounded.  If you know someone in this situation, offering to help may be rejected, even though appreciated. Try to bring over some healthy snacks and food while they are packing because they forget to stop and eat or don’t have any fresh produce in the house.  Don’t stay or expect to visit –Shop, stop and drop.


Everyone loves scarves, they can dress up a t-shirt or make that outfit to go out at night.  Here is a great scarf made from old and recycled t-shirts, Loop T-Shirt Scarf. My sister has been making these for all her friends and they are loving it!  She even made one for my daughter, which is all the rave to girls in her class.  They are easy and fun.


How do American women live longer? Act like you live somewhere else.  Feel the feta crumble and live the Mediterranean way, fight cancer and live to 100, eat tofu and live like Japanese women.  Ever had a cowberry? They love them in Norway, find them for longevity and happiness.  Here are lifestyle changes for American women to have health, longevity and happiness.


A truly amazing salad for lunch, dinner or Meatless Monday – Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction.  Super EZ!


Core, Core, Core.  You need to get your core strong to Get in Gear in 2012. Click on this week’s ab routine. 

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