Weekly Tips for March 27, 2011

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Here it is, officially Spring and March is almost over.  Where are you on your preparation for Spring Break, summer and making Mamma happy? March has not been kind this year; terrible storms in our country, the devastation in Japan, families dealing with disease and losing loved ones.  All I can say, RockIt Moms are ready for some happiness, sunshine, warmth and positive encounters.

NICE: Spring Cleaning Time.

After cleaning out closets, drawers and garages, donate your old clothes to the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, St. Vincent de Paul’s, or your local thrift shop. If you haven’t worn something for the last two years, what makes you think you’ll wear it next year? You will probably never know who’s wearing your donation, but rest assured someone will be happier for it.

GREEN: Keep that Fridge Smelly Nice and Don’t Waste $$ By Food Going Bad.

Keep food from spoiling in your refrigerator. Our refrigerators are jammed with groceries, drinks, leftovers and who-knows-what. It’s no wonder some spoils before ever getting eaten. Don’t you hate finding furry, smelly former-food in your fridge? Here’s how to prevent that and keep food fresh in the refrigerator.

1. Make sure your food is well covered, in sealed containers and kept in the best parts of the fridge (ie. vegetables in veggi drawer, meat in meat shelve, etc.)

2. Label, label, label.

3. Rotate items from back to front.

4. Keep a running list attached to the fridge for easier shopping.

For more hints and money saving tips, click here

HEALTHY: What is Gluten-Free and Who Should Do It?

Who should be on a Gluten Free Diet? Is it just a trendy thing to do or does it only apply when doctor presecribed?

Since this is the new “it” diet, I decided to try it to help lose that holiday weight. Honestly, it is very tough to follow and if you do not have celiac disease or “gluten sensitivity”, it is basically the Atkins diet and very expensive.  A loaf of gluten free bread ranges from $5-7 for one loaf. There are tons of items available at health grocery stores (Henry’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.) but they are expensive. Is the gluten shunners helping their health or hurting it? Click here for the full article.

FOOD: Meatless Monday - Comfy Mac and Cheese

This creamy macaroni and cheese is a recipe for comfort, while mustard, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce add some zip.  For full dinner, add rotisserie chicken and broccoli.

EXERCISE: Side Bend with Shoulder Press

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