Weekly Tips for March 21, 2011

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With St. Patrick’s day over, the start of daylight savings and awaiting Easter, keep on working on those renewed 2011 resolutions and preparations for summer.  Today is the long awaited First Day of Spring!  If only the weather could see the calendar.  Keep on smiling and focus on the summer, sun, heat and extra fun that will be here soon enough.

In anticipation of summer, we are compiling our annual list of Freebies for the Kids and Summer Camps, so if you have any input, please post it here or at our Facebook.  Here are the weekly tips.


Clever, inexpensive gifts that will bring a smile to a friend:

· Give a box of “cheer.” Use an empty Cheer detergent box. Put things in it that will make your friend smile, such as a photo of the two of you doing something silly, a favorite candy or cookies, a joke book, or a gag gift.

· Bake a cake and attach a note saying “You take the cake.” Or make it an angel food cake and write, “You’re an angel.”

· Prepare a basket of really fattening goodies with a note saying “I’ve gained so much from our friendship…now it’s your turn.”

· Give a jar of freshly cracked nuts with a note saying “I’d be nuts without you.”

· Make some jam and attach a note saying “Thanks for getting me out of a jam.”

· A pot of homemade soup might have a note attached: “You’re a souper friend!”


More daylight hours means less electricity used! Be sure to use the natural sunlight and take advantage of it!


Kick Up Your Flats–The lowdown on high heels.

One day you’re strutting down the street feeling like Heidi Klum, the next you’re limping to your car to grab that back-up pair of flip-flops. It’s an age-old battle between the gods of fashion and your personal comfort, and there’s no truce in sight.

Fear not; you won’t have to give up your man-slaying pumps for good. But you might want to give your feet, legs, and back a break.

Like embarrassing anecdotes or lines at the DMV, heels are best when they’re short, or better yet, non-existent. Why? Here’s a brief list of ailments that are linked to heels higher than 2 inches: back pain, knee strain, arthritis, fatigue, reduced blood flow to the brain, nerve irritation, bunions, foot pain, and assorted problems with the ankles, pelvis, and spine.

Here are some tips for dressing to kill without killing your feet:

Travel in pairs. Got a hot date after work? Pack your kitten heels and wear a pair of flats to the office, then change at the end of the day. Bonus: if you’re planning to get barefoot later, you can be sure your toes will be blister-free.

It’s only cute if it’s comfortable. If the shoes are remotely uncomfortable in-store, they’ll be ten times worse after a few hours on the town. Remember, there’s nothing sexy about walking down the street barefoot and blistered.

Expensive isn’t always better. A good fit is worth more than a fancy label. Cute, comfortable, and under $30? We can handle that.

Fall in love with flats. Isn’t it convenient that flats are in style right now? Find a pair you love and rock ‘em with a straight-leg jean or a cute dress. Your feet will thank you.

Go barefoot. Institute a no-shoe policy in your home and walk around bare-foot or in socks. If you like running, try running barefoot on the beach or on grass. It feels amazing, and it’s great for the muscles in your feet.

Do you have a favorite shoe that’s sexy and wearable? Share your fashion and foot-friendly tips in the comments below.


A Sunday with nothing to do, pajamas and cold weather, allowed me to try some new recipes.  The Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake was fabulous.   THANK YOU to the RockIt Mammathat sent me this recipe.  It received fireworks of praise.  Soar on over to FOOD and you can make it too, the whole family will love it!

Have a soaring week.  Any comments or thoughts would be fabulous to hear.

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