Weekly Tips for March 19, 2012

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How do you go from Mach 7 to doing nothing? Easy, just tell yourself you are going to do it and plan it!  It took some doing but after two very long weeks, this body did nothing today and feel fabulous for it. There was lots of laying in bed until noon, watching brainless television (Does anyone really believe the Housewives of Orange County are real?), napping and listening to the rain and wind.  It is not easy to take time for yourself, but this is your homework for the next week. It may not be a whole day, but find some time at least an hour and take it!  Report back and share your new outlook.

This week, the tips are going to have a little bit of a twist.


Thinking positive it truly the way to happiness and health.  It is not easy and I get that.  Here is a article how to send that happiness and positive reinforcement to your kids.  Do all 5 ways and reflect on how it makes the kids feel.


You have know about the eating disorders of anorexia and bulima, now look at the new diagnosis, orthorexia and pregorexia.  What do you think? Just another label or truly a disorder?


Meatless Monday Enchiladas and done in the slow cooker, this is the way to make Monday much easier. Click here for the recipe.


If you have a case of the March blahs, shake up your workouts. Get out of the gym, click here outside workouts.

Remember if “mamma aint’ happy, ain’t nobody happy”, the infamous words of Will Smith. So make yourself happy this week, March is a hard month to get through. Remember we are in this together! If you need to vent or have a request, just let us know. There are plenty of RockIt Moms to help out! Have a great week.

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