Weekly Tips for June 27, 2011

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Are your kiddos doing lots of camps this summer or just hanging at home?  Surf camp starts tomorrow for one kid and the other is just hanging all summer. It is kind of fun.  We shall see come the end of  July.  Fireworks are coming for Independence Day — aka July 4. Best bets are county fairs, smaller cities, Seaworld, Legoland, Disney anything, and military museums.  Here is a website that will give you local displays based upon your zip code.

How are you doing on your lunge/plank challenge. Check our FB page for updates.

Here are your tips for this week.


Schools and churches commonly visit nursing homes during the holiday season to sing carols, but during the rest of the year, nursing homes often don’t have a lot of visitors. Grab your kids, some friends with their kids and head over to visit the elderly.  It will make you and them feel great.

GREEN: Phone Books

Have you noticed you are getting updates or new phone books a lot lately? Even use a phone book anymore? Save 19 million trees and opt out. Not just you, your siblings, your parents, your neighbors, your friends, your family. Here are other options to REUSE the phone book.

Opt Out: Go to www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org and register to be taken off the distribution list for white and yellow page phone books.

Recycle: Less than 10% of all phone books printed are recycled, even though they can be recycled into everything from ceiling tiles to cereal boxes. Go to earth911.com to find your nearest phone book recycling center.

Repurpose: As they say, “One man’s trash is a Green Cheapskate’s treasure.” Here are some creative reuses for old phone books and Yellow Pages.

Press Autumn Leaves/Plants: Better yet, have the kids sit on them at the same time.

Flip Books: Here’s a fun art project!

Window Wipes: Perfect for cleaning windows with a simple mixture of vinegar and water.

Phone Book Step Aerobics: Duct tape them together to use in stair-stepping exercises. LOVE this idea.

Fire Starters: Perfect for the fireplace, grill or woodstove.

Garden Mulch: Shred ‘em (a few pages at a time, Uncle George), they’re great biodegradable weed blockers.

Origami: Recreate the Tale of 10,000 Yellow Swans with a single book of Yellow Pages!


How to prevent dehydration this summer. One would think, how hard can it be to stay hydrated in the summer, all I have to do is drink water. For some, drinking plain water is painful.  So here are some tips to stay hydrated and keep that water coming.

*Add lemon slices/orange slices to your water.

*Add cucumber slices.

*Try berries in your water.

*Crystal Light Sport is refreshing and one packet is good for at least 30 oz of water. (You can also buy the Target Brand which is less expensive.)

*Sun Tea. Get a large clear jar or pitcher, fill with warm water, lemons and large tea bags.  Let it sit out in the sun all day.  Bring it in for dinner, remove the lemons and tea bags. Pour over ice — REFRESHING! Like your tea sweet, try adding raw Aguave Nectar instead of sugars.

*Keep a reuseable water bottle in your car, purse, gym bag, etc. If you are out of water you can always fill the bottle at the gym, office or even at the fountains at restaurants, fast food and even Target, etc.

*Keep an extra case of water in your car. It may be warm, but at least you have it. If you have your reuseable bottle, you can fill it with ice and use your reserve trunk water.


What to eat for road snacks? For some reason the mind triggers the munchies as soon as you begin a road trip. Drive right by that McDonald’s, Hardee’s, KFC, and and and.  Jump on over to FOOD for a list of Road Trip Snacks in Good Health.

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