Weekly Tips for July 25, 2011

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Are you “done” with summer and getting ready for back to school or trying to enjoy every last minute? This launch pad is trying to squeeze as much fun as possible out of every minute.


Try this for NICE tip for you and your family — vacation in your own city or a close city.  Contact your Department of Tourism or City or Tourist Office and find events and adventures to do in your own “backyard”.  My family took a drive north to Santa Monica and had an amazing 48 hours of fun.  I understand not everyone has a beach community that close, but there is always something.  Check it out, more than likely there are some great things to do in your own town that you never even considered.


Let’s all try to save some green and our resources.  Our launchpad just purchased a whole house electricity meter, Home Power Meter by Blueline Innovations that runs with the People Power software. This is amazing. You can actually see how much energy your house is using instantly and by the minute. Yes, there is an initial cost up front, about $175, but the savings you will have over the next few months will be huge and it will pay for itself in no time.  Not the 25 years it takes to go solar. The home meter sits in an spot in the middle of your house and constantly updates how many kw(s) you are using at every minute.  Then with the software you can determine if your house is running efficiently or how you can cut your power usages.  Once ours was up and running, we ran around and made sure all the cable boxes were off and computers on hibernate.  The we ran back to read the meter, and sure enough we had gone down by almost 500 kws.  You can see how much it takes to run the AC or just a fan.  It is all new technology, but soon enough it will be provided by the electric companies. It has become a great game on who can get the kws the lowest.


This week’s HEALTHY tip is more mental health and happiness than a healthy exercise, food or beauty product. You are all beautiful mamas. Now enjoy this career and embrace it.  Have a Summer Party with and for your kiddos.  THey are only young once so really indulge and give them a memory that will come back to them many times over and bring a huge smile when they remember the great event Mom did for them.

There are endless ways to celebrate summer! Fire up the grill and host a family cookout, round up the neighbors for a festive block party, get the tiki torches ready for a fun luau, or cool off in the pool with a pool party. Discover more ways to have fun in the sun this summer with summer party themes, refreshing summer menu ideas, outdoor decorating ideas and more!

Popular Party Ideas

Beat the Heat: Water parties

We all Scream for Ice Cream – have an ice cream socail. Make homemade ice cream. Try making different types of popsicles.

Backyard Beach Party and give it a luau them with crafts to do at the luau. Make your own leis, learn to hula, even hula hoop.

Take the party on the road — dinner at the beach.  Or flip it – Breakfast at the Beach.

Picnic at the top of the highest hill/mountain in your neighborhood. Invite all the kids to climb, climb, climb. Or go lower, hike down to the local creek/stream.  Eat in the shade of the trees and learn to skip rocks, have a little prize for the best skipper.

Movie night! Show a movie on your garage door or flat 10×8 section of your house.  Have the kids, friends, neighbors grab their lawn/beach chairs and bring snacks and popcorn.  As soon as the sun goes down, the movie goes up. Here is a hint: Soul Surfer comes out Aug. 2, have a beach party in your yard and play the movie.


Here is a great meatless Monday recipe: Baked Ziti with Summer Vegetables. Add all that great color to your ziti!

Have a fabulous week and enjoy every minute! It goes too fast and we are back into the “routine” and “humdrum” and looking at the week as 7 long days.

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