Weekly Tips for July 10, 2011

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Is this not the best summer ever? So much going on,  fabulous weather and amazing adventures! How is your summer going?


Make a video or Power Point video of you and your BFF. Include many pictures of you together, dressed up, acting silly, and even include her high school graduation picture, if you can get it. Put the video to music you know she likes. Don’t stress about it being perfect, she’ll appreciate the effort and love for whatever you give her because you are her BFF.


Waterless Car Wash — Eco Touch is a waterless car wash product that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and petrochemical-free. Just spray it on and wipe it off, that’s all it takes to have a clean, shiny car. Then throw the special microfiber towels in the wash and reuse.

Made from plant-derived surfactants (coconut and soy) and a water-soluble polymer, Eco Touch contains no fragrances, dyes, or phosphates. Not only does it save on water, it will save you big money from taking the car to the car wash (which averages $12 a visit, plus gas). One bottle of Eco Touch averages 8 to 12 washes for $9.99. Do the math, and count the green you’re saving.

One tip: If you’ve really let your car go until it’s covered with a thick cake of grime, you may want to take a trip to the car wash. Eco Touch works best if you clean regularly or to hold you over (and let you go a little longer) between regular washes.


Summer Hats are just as important as sunscreen in the summer. Many leading doctors recommend an arsenal of interventions to fend off overexposure, and one tool is a trusty sun-protection hat. Problem is, not all hats are created equal, and some could be leaving sensitive skin areas unprotected. And remember, hats work best in direct sunlight, not on cloudy days, on which the light is more diffuse. My favorite baseball hat is not one of the better ones, per dermotologists.  Which do you think it is straw, flap, bucket, cowboy or flapper? Click here to find out the pros and cons of all types of hats.


Ever wanted to eat off one of those mobile food trucks but are quite sure? They are now all the rage. You can get vegan, BBQ, organic,  hot dogs, pizza, Philly sandwiches, breakfast, you name it.  Pick one and try it out – this link is for San Diego.

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