Weekly Tips for Jan. 17, 2011

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It’s mid-Jan. Time to evaluate how your New Year’s resolution are going. Are you sticking with it? Are you struggling? If so try a little self exploration. Look at the inner & outer circumstances that are causing your resolve to ebb. Then evaluate what changes you can make in your life so you’re better geared to be constructive instead of destructive.

Getting back on track and motivated: Ask a buddy to go with you, keep a journal of your intake and exercise. Cut out one “non-healthy” item from your diet.  Cut down on “non-healthy” items such as chips, dips, ice cream, desserts, processed foods, sodium laden foods. You get the idea. Post your thoughts here so myself & others might be helpful.   Now on to the weekly tips.

GREEN: Save Money and Fuel! What could be better? 

If you have thermostats in different areas of your house, turn down the areas that are not high traffic. This will help you reduce costs and energy use as you will be maximizing your money but using the heat in the areas that you spend the most time in! In addition,  with these cold nights dig out the blankets, snuggies and heavy pajamas.  Lately, we have kept the house cooler, but added warmth by using blankets and warmer clothes rather than heating the whole house.  In addition, the baby rockits have been sleeping together in the same bed to stay warmer. 

HEALTH:  Breathing Basic How-Tos.

Keep focused on your goals and resolutions.  Feeling overwhelmed, try breathing. In speaking with professionals and friends lately, focusing on your breathing when stress hits can be beneficial in so many ways.

At the very center of our being is rhythmic movement, a cyclic expansion and contraction that is both in our body and outside it, that is both in our mind and in our body, that is both in our consciousness and not in it.  Click here for full article.

RECIPE:  Aromatic Beef Stew With Butternut Squash. 

This is a great healthy and nutritious hot dinner with solid amounts of fiber and protein.

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