Weekly Tips for Febuary 8, 2011

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So much going on in February: renewing resolutions, Valentine’s Day, kids are off school at least 2 days this month and still wanting to keep the Healthy Me going. Here are some great articles/checklist found to keep us focused, because “if Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  Thank you Will Smith it hits the bullseye everytime.


Find something funny online that you know a friend, special group of friends or amazing family member will like and send it to them in an email. Example, a good friend found a hysterical website with fabulous jokes and sent it to her “core” group of friends.  It made everyone smile and bounce emails back and forth all day!


Cabin Fever? Weather have you trapped inside? Here are some tips to keep your home green and clean.

Clean with house with Green cleaners so the pollutants are not jailed inside your house for you and your family to breathe. Get out the humidifiers, if you are running the heat, you need to get moisture in the air. Be sure to change the water daily. Clean water/snow/rain soaked rugs or move them out of the house. If necessary have them cleaned. 


Are you still on track with those New Year’s Resolutions made just 37 days ago? Here is a great way to check on those goals and make sure they stick with you all year long.

Tap Your Inner Willpower. We all start off January 1 as strong-minded and goal-oriented women. By 5pm, some are on the couch planning on polishing off the holiday cookies and candy. Some are stronger and hold out until Jan. 10 before they join their sisters on the couch. How do we, the smarter and stronger sex, prove to ourselves and others that we have self-restraint and discipline to overcome? Here are some research-proved strategies:

1. Give it a workout. Your willpower is a muscle that needs to be worked out. The more you use it the stronger it will get.

2. Make one change at a time. There is only a limited amount of willpower in each person. So, try eating healthy for a week which will require more conscious shopping. Then the second week, cut out the saturated fats. Keep adding one change at a time.

3. Break it up. Don’t have a huge goal that seems unattainable, (i.e. Lose 20 lbs.). Start with “going to the gym/classes three times a week”. “Bring a healthy lunch with me daily.”

4. Lift your spirits. Doing things you enjoy will boost your willpower. Good moods = strong willpower.

5. Have some OJ. A glass of OJ or lemonade can replenish your self-control because your brain requires glucose for energy.

6. Outwit your inner rebel. Don’t let your willpower win by avoiding solid win only resolutions. “I’m giving up using my credit cards ever again.” These are overly strict rules that any good rebellious teenager will tell you it is made to be broken.

7. Crank up your greatest hits. Don’t fret over what you haven’t accomplished. Make a list of 50 or 100 things you have done and feel good about completing.

8. Be extra nice (or nasty). The Golden Rule still applies, do unto others….

9. Use your senses. Visual cues give the human brain strength. Put a picture of a more fit you on your mirror or a picture of your ultimate vacation if you cut out credit card use.

10. Finally, get out of Dodge. Be aware when your resistance is tapped out! Stress will wear you down; get away from your stressor or temptation. If at Nordstrom’s “walk away from the shoes and go to the baby section.” Your resistance will jump right back up.


Restore, Repair and Romantic Smoothie –  Jump on over to Food for the goods.

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