Weekly Tips for February 5, 2012

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February is a short month with lots going on; Groundhog Day (more winter), Super Bowl Sunday (Monday recovery is painful), Valentine’s Day (no pressure there), President’s Weekend (have to plan something fun and exciting for the kids) and Mardi Gras (another temptation).

This week’s tips are for you to remain calm and stress free with all of these events on your busy schedule.


Introduce friends. If you have a friend who just moved to a new city, introduce her to friends you have in the same area. If you just met someone who just moved to your city, do your best to make her feel included by inviting her to some of your weekend activities. We are all in this together so make your “sistas” feel comfortable.


Make that water heater more green. If you aren’t quite ready to trade up your old storage hot water heater for a high-efficiency tankless system, then at least give a thought to some added insulation. Hot water accounts for 13% of the typical utility bill, so improving the efficiency of your heater can go a long way toward saving energy and cutting down on carbon emissions.

Consider wrapping your old heater in a layer of insulation. For the nominal cost of about $15, an insulating jacket can reduce heat lost through the walls of the tank by 25-40%.


While February has Valentine’s Day for your emotional heart,it also is American Heart Month. Taking care of your heart is really a two-fold thing. First, focus on the actual heart itself and making it strong and healthy. This is done through a combination of dietary choices, exercise habits and stress management. We can eat all the healthy food in the world but if we’re constantly stressed, that can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension) and can put a strain on our heart.

Here are some tips to keep your physical heart healthy:

Do some kind of regular exercise.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and limit your intake of red meat.

Meditate: Sitting still in silence is critical to decreasing stress. Disconnecting from the TV, computer and smartphone gives the brain a much-needed rest.

Get a physical: Make yearly appointments to get a physical.

Break those bad habits that create heart problems like smoking, eating a lot of red meat, high-stress habits such as addiction to technology can all create heart disease.

Here are some tips to keep your emotional heart healthy:

Make peace with those around you: If you’re holding a grudge, let it go.

Say what’s on your mind: Holding back what’s on your mind, holding back can all lead to pressure in the chest not from physical heart issues but more from an emotional strain.

Don’t take things to heart: Otherwise known as “don’t take things personally”.

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