Weekly Tips for February 27, 2012

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It is official, the holidays are in the rear view mirror, NO MORE EXCUSES! No more chocolate, sweets, overindulging and must attend parties.  It is time to focus on “2012 the year to get in gear!” How are you going to achieve your goals?

Start with where we began, breakfast is most important.  It needs to be filling, protein rich and feed your body! Next, healthy snacks! This month we have posted numerous healthy sweet, salty and salty/sweet snacks to make a solid lifestyle change.  These snacks will make Snickers look gross. Now, is the time, re-evaluate your goals, make lifestyle changes — no dieting, and be ready to be healthy, fit and nutritious every day.

As always if you need help, suggestions or motivation, RockIt Mom is always available! You can comment on the site, contact us through Facebook or Twitter (RockItMoms). Now, on to keep you moving and grooving….


Clean out those closets and make your donations to Good Will, Salvation Army or YWCA. Your old clothes are someone’s new and sassy look. It feel great cleaning out the clutter. It feels great donating your items.  It feels great for that needy person going to the store and finding your amazing donation.


5 Ways to Save Money on Your Laundry. 

1. Invest in a front loader washing machine.  It uses 1/3 less water and soap than the top loaders.

2. Wash in cold water.

3. Use a clothes line to conserve energy and enjoy that fresh air smell.

4. Try homemade laundry products.

5. Run full loads.  If you are washing in cold, you can put in the bright colors with the darks.


The secret to better sleep lies in getting sweaty before you hit the sack. Brazilian researchers have found those who engage in 30 minutes of cardio or light weights at least 2 hours before bedtime will fall asleep faster and acheive REM quicker (aka “deep sleep”). Now this new research is completely controversial to the AFAA, NCIC, ACE theories in teaching fitness professionals. We have always been told, do not exercise after 8 pm if you are planning on going to bed before midnight.  However, in today’s fast paced life with iphone and Blackberry and constant contact, it is harder and harder for individuals to “turn themselves off” and go to sleep.  Hopefully, this new change of data will allow those who need the sleep,  that 2nd or 3rd workout in before bedtime and drift off to sleep and rejuvenate.


Meatless Monday — what to make? In addition to meatless, it has to be low carb and tasty.  Here it is: Vegetable Parmesan!


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