Weekly Tips for February 21, 2011

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Have you heard what is going on in our world? The riots, the death, destruction and terrible illnesses.  It really requires us to take a long look at what we have going on in our own personal lives and evaluate it as “really that bad?”  We have heard some terrible news about family friends sufferring from life ending diseases and financial ruin.  So, is it “really that bad” that you ate some cake over the weekend? Or you didn’t make it to the gym every day last week. The kids progress reports came out and they need to focus more in school?  Heading into March, it is time to re-evaluate our ideas, goals and resolutions for 2011.  We can acheive anything we put our energies to, but are those acheivements “attainable”?

Take some time before the house wakes up or before you collapse into bed and think of the positives in your life and are you attaining your goals for 2011.

GREEN & HEALTHY  — 10 dirty fruits and veggies

Are the fruits and vegetables you buy clean enough to eat?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) studied 100,000 produce pesticide reports and created a list of 49 of the dirtiest and cleanest produce.

So before you hit the grocery store, see how some of your favorite fruits and veggies measured up.

Did one of your favorites make the list? Don’t worry, the EWG recommends purchasing organic or locally grown varieties, which can lower pesticide intake by 80% versus conventionally grown produce.

TOP 10–





Blueberries (domestic)

Sweet bell pepper

Spinach, kale, collard greens

Grapes (imported)



For complete list and how to avoid these nasty pesticides, go to 10 Dirty Fruit & Veggies.


Have you tried a meatless night once a week? The latest idea is Meatless Mondays.  There are plenty sources of protein, fiber and vitamins without eating meat; lentils, edadame, bean, tofu, Morningstar crumbles, hummus, eggplant, peanut butter and soy.

Here is Grilled Eggplant Provolone.  Jump over to Food tab for the recipe.

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