Weekly Tips for February 15, 2011

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Where you spoiled and loved this past weekend? Did you dive into that box of chocolates and regret it this morning? Did your sweetie appreciate your fitness and health goals with an appropriate symbol of love?  RockIt Dad handled the best of both worlds; flowers, wine, dinner and new headbands for the gym. How about you?

Now on to the tips for the week. 


How much waste do you have from your children’s lunches?  The average schoolchild piles up 67 lbs. of lunch trash in just one school year, so let’s teach them to reduce and reuse, starting at home! Remember to pack a trashless lunch.  Make sure you are using bp free containers, stainless steel containers, buying in bulk and keeping the trash to a minimum.  Check out Green to Go Earth Friendly Lunch-Ware. They have it all and it is so fashionable for boys and girls.  


You can’t live forever. However, there are things you can do to live longer and in better health. Increasing longevity is much easier than you think. Here’s the really good part: all of these health habits can be accomplished in less than one minute.

5 Surprising Ways to Live Longer in Under a Minute

1. Eat Eggs

Eggs are a powerful source of protein and cost just pennies. Many people have been led to believe that eating eggs increases blood cholesterol, but that’s simply not true.

Under-a-Minute Tip: Boil a half-dozen eggs in the beginning of the week. Eat one a day and you’re on the road to making a dramatic difference in your health.

2. Take Chromium Polynicotinate

To help prevent diabetes, chromium polynicotinate has proven to be a potentially life-saving supplement.

Under-a-Minute Tip: Take 200 micrograms of chromium polynicotinate a day.

3. Check Your Heart Rate Daily

By checking your heart rate every day, you can protect yourself against having a heart attack or stroke. It’s simple: Place your index and middle fingers on your wrist bone, directly under your thumb. Press gently to feel your pulse. Count the beats for 10 seconds. Then multiply by 6 to get your resting heart rate.

Under-a-Minute Tip: Take your resting heart rate before you get out of bed every morning. If it is high or keeps going up every month, see your doctor.

4. Add Beets to Your Diet

You know to eat your greens, but you have to eat your reds, too. Beets offer much more than just their lovely hue. They help dilate blood vessels, which improves blood flow throughout the body. They’re also packed with iron, which helps deliver oxygen throughout the body and wards off anemia.

Under-a-Minute Tip: You can drink your beets daily in a nutrient-packed beverage that also contains carrots, parsley and apples.

5. De-stress With Self-Massage

Stress can damage every part of your body and lead to chronic disease. Many people, especially women, hold stress and tension in their head and in their face. Here’s a massage you can actually perform on yourself to fight stress:

• Position both hands as if you were giving 2 thumbs-up. Reposition your thumbs-up horizontally and place your thumbs, on the sides of the bridge of your nose, beneath your brow bone. Press firmly for 8-10 seconds, and breathe.

• Then place your thumbs and index fingers slightly above and on the opposite ends of your eyebrows. Gently squeeze for 8-10 seconds and breathe.

Under-a-Minute Tip: Practice the above self-massage technique throughout the day, such as when you’ve been sitting for a long time at the computer.


According to Dr. Oz after 5-8 weeks on a diet, many people tend to hit a plateau.  Here is a metabolism jump on breakfast to keep that scale going down. Morning Weight Loss Sundae, check it out under our FOOD tab.

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