Weekly Tips for Earth Week, April 19, 2010

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Tips from RockIt Mom:

1. GREEN – In honor of Earth Day, Earth Week and Earth Fair, there are a number of GREEN tips this week.  

First, what do you do with that old throw rug or carpet pieces?  Here are some ideas: use it to protect your knees when gardening. put in the sink when working on faucet so pieces don’t go down the drain and tools don’t scratch the sink, tape/glue to the wall so when open car door you don’t ding the wall, place between washer/dryer so when items fall down, just pull out carpet, use as car mats for beach/dirty days, use to clean window screens, line pet carriers, place under washer/dryer to muffle noise.  Let us know your ideas for using your old carpet/rugs.

Second GREEN tip, visit a California Certified Farmer’s Market.  A CFM is the “real deal”, you are buying directly from the farmer.  The farmer must be “certified” that he has proven he is indeed selling his own crops.  Read the tips about shopping at a CFM so you can get the most for your money and time.  This is a great experience for your children to meet the growers of their food, sample the produce right there and be a part of their own meals.  You can generally find a CFM that meets your busy schedule.

Last GREEN tip, read the article Do’s and Don’ts for Earth Day.  We all want to be green conscious, so this is a great article to remind us what helps and what hinders our recycling actions. Favorite Don’t: Just because an item has a green label or “natural” claim, make sure these claims are indeed truthful and valid.  One true green, natural and fabulous cleaner for your produce, chicken and seafood is Eat Cleaner.  Check out their ad on the right side of the website.   This is an amazing product!

One more GREEN suggestions for the week, go see Disney Nature Oceans.  Opening Earth Day, April 22, 2010.  For tickets and locations, go to www.disney.com/oceans.

2. HEALTH – Your Younger-Skin Strategy.  Here are some suggestions and steps to stop, prevent and possibly revert aging of your skin. 

Wash At Night: This is the most important time to wash your face.  There can be dirt, bacteria and make-up on your skin that can irritate your pores overnight.

Be Vigilant about Sunscreen: SPF 30 is essential if you want younger looking skin. Try using a moisturizer with sunscreen to block UVA and UVB rays.

Manage Stress: Emotional upheavals and constant anxiety can increase the strees hormone cortisol which causes inflammation and breaking down collagen. Try deep breathing, meditation or yoga.

Use Retinoid: This product can speed cell turnover and collagen growth to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while fading brown spots. If you use an OTC, it will take longer than a prescription. Make sure you are not allergic to this product before using it! 

Update Your Skin Care Routine: Mix up your routine every 6-12 months.  You can change just one product in your routine to improve tone and texture.

Eat Omega-3s: These are the good fats in salmon, flaxseed and almonds.  They boost hydration causing the skin to be supple and firm.

Exercise Regularly: (You knew this one was coming!) Those who exercise regularly have firmer skin because of the constant production of oxygen which produces collagen production.  Exercise of the week is V Ups.  Jump over to Fitness/Exercise for this week’s workout.

Save Your Skin by Jessica Girdwain, Prevention Fit Over 40. 

3. RECIPE- Instead of an actual recipe this week, here is a week of meals that are easy and quick to prepare before soccer, dance, karate, homework and all the other special obligations of the week.  Jump over to FOOD  tab for pre-planned week of meals.

As always, I hope you have a fabulous week.  Keep your thoughts, feedback and suggestions coming.  Love, love, love to hear all of them! Remember to recite your postive phrase or mantra during times of stress  — don’t break down that collagen anymore!

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