Weekly Tips for August 8, 2011

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We are back from our annual beach vacation.  Another fabulous week and lots of family fun. This is our 6th summer renting the same house. It is such a tradition, we feel like locals.  The kids can’t even think of a summer without it. What was your fabulous summer vacation this year?

NICE: Since so many where floating around the stars, here are a list to choose from:

Move the newspaper to the front door, inside the screen if it’s raining for your neighbor.

Pay the toll for the guy behind you.

Give the busboy a tip, too!

Tell the mailman, “Boy is it hot!” and hand him a cold soda and a smile, and tell him Thanks! for his hard work.

Tell a co-worker, “I appreciate your hard work!”

Tell a nurse/doctor “Thanks for caring about people.”

GREEN: Engineering a “Brighter” Sudan.

There are a small group of engineering students at a local college. For their “project” they didn’t start a new company, look to make money during this endeavor — they are gathering donations, equipment, knowledge and lighting for a school in Sudan.  There is an elementary school destroyed during the fighting.  These young men have decided to help rebuild the school with solar power, lighting and energy for the children to learn in a safe and lighted environment.  This is truly an amazing and selfless project.

We all can’t do a project of this huge undertaking, but what can we do locally for our children? Help their school go green, recycle at their school, partner with a “Green” company? The possibilities are endless.  Go outside the box and see what you can find.


While the heat wave is still rolling across the country, there are another few months we have to endure this heat.  So what do we do to stay cool? There is only so much pool, beach. lake, water park and pruning your fingers the body can take. So here are some tips to cool you down for the dog days of summer still to come.  They include eating fatty fishes, keep yourself hydrated, only exercise in the early morning or evening hours. Be sure to wear light colored cotton clothes and hats.  For more tips, click here.


Salad for dinner gets really boring, but this new recipe is outstanding.  There were cries for it every night this week. It is Chipolte Chicken Taco Salad.  The only tweak I gave it was for the dressing I used 1/3 cup of fat-free sour cream and 1/3 cup of 0% fat Green Yogurt.  It was great, try and tell us if your family gives you the same response.

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