Weekly Tips for August 30, 2010

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Tips from RockIt Mom:

School days, school days, it is the most wonderful time of the year?  Or is it a new first for you, such as a new school?  What did you do to “prepare” your child for the first day of school? 

RockIt Daughter, now a second grader, had to have her mani/pedi, haircut and lots of Roxy and Justice clothes to pick from.  RockIt Son, who is a kindergarten, he wanted a day a the Padres game.  Everyone was happy!


Time to start cooking those super healthy meals again, in between soccer, piano, tennis, karate, girl scouts and football.  Start in the kitchen. 

SAY NO TO FOIL.  Since it is so highly processed while manufacturing it has a high enviromental costs.  Only use when absolutely necessary.  Instead use parchment paper or cellophane, which are both more enviromentally friendly.

CLOSE THE DOOR FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE AFTER FILLING WITH RECENT SHOPPING. After re-stocking the fridge from your numerous store runs, keep the door closed as long as possible, so the newly purchased items can return to “cool” temps and the fridge does not have to work so hard. 

Try some CROCK POT RECIPES.  This will free up your afternoon and the slow cookers are extermely energy efficient. 


First and foremost, get your life back on a schedule. No more excuses, no more procrastinating because the kids are out of school.  Get back into the groove.  Here are some FREE ways to get healthier:

1. Go to the libary and RENT a workout DVD. If you find you really like one, then buy it.  Check ebay, Craigslist and Overstock first.

2. Free Yoga class at www.yogatoday.com

3. This time of the year, most gyms and clubs are willing to negotiate and cut you a deal.  Try out a week first then hit the bargaining table.

4. Check your local smoke detectors. 

5. Free Health Apps. Itunes has over 3,000 iTunes applications from Flu Tracker to My Diary. 

6. Start off fighting the colds and other bugs brought home from school.  Up your Vit. C. intake and get free samples of Emergen-C at www.ermegenC.com.

7. Moisturize for FREE.  Stop by your local Sephora store, many now found in JCPenney, and get your free samples. 

8. Try a new sport; hiking, power walking, kettlebells, cross-country running, kite surfing.  Head over to www.MeetUp.com and find others that are interested in the same things.  Get out there and live!!


This recipe is easy and loved by all.  Jump over to FOOD and check it out.

Have a great week.  Still loving to hear your thoughts, input, likes/dislikes. Shout it out!

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