Weekly Tips for April 11, 2011

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For those returning from Spring Break, did your bundles of joy jump out of bed this morning ready to go back to school? Or did they drag, whine and ask to have another week?  Even my kindergartner, who adores school, asked if he could have one more week.  So, it is back to the grind for some and anticipation of your upcoming Spring Break.  How did/do you plan on spending the week?  Visiting family, vacation, at home or staycation?  While you are pondering this, here are the tips.

NICE: Volunteer – give your time!

Join a volunteer organization. If you don’t know what you would llike to do, start reading the social columns of your local newspaper. They are filled with news regarding your local charity organizations. Find one that appeals to you. Look at the photos. Are you about the same age as the members? Would you enjoy working on their fund raiser? If so, contact any of the names listed in the article. They would love to have you. Don’t be discouraged if they put you off a few months

GREEN: Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Egg dyeing is an Easter staple, but those store-bought dyes are often full of mystery chemicals. This year, check out some natural egg-dyeing techniques instead. The results are beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about your kids handling toxic supplies. Foods like onion skins, turmeric, and beets make natural dyes that color your eggs without harsh chemicals. Here are some techinques.

HEALTHY: School lunches, do you let your kids buy or bring from home?

I just read this article, Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunches.  SHOCKED hardly explains the outcry!  Seriously, a public school in Chicago can BAN homemade lunches?  Not only does the principal think banning homemade lunches is going to fight obesity, she make no alternatives for those who do not qualify for reduced/free lunches and expects those families to pony up an extra $11.25 per week per child.  After this article, I reviewed local schools lunches and most are pizza, chicken/fish nuggets, spaghetti with “meat” sauce, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, potato rounds and corn dogs.  As I was unable to find Little Village Academy’s lunch menu, the pictures I saw were hotdogs, nachos, potato rounds, apples and milk. 

What do you think? What would you do if your school banned your loving homemade lunch?  Are the schools going to guarantee each child will hav a healthy protein, vegetable and fruit serving?  This has disaster and more money to the school district written all over it.

FOOD: Meatless Monday – Spinach and Cheese Calzones

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