Weekly Tip for January 1, 2011 ~ Welcoming the New Year

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There is so much information to share when jumping into the New Year.  What do you want to achieve? Did you make a resolution?  Do you want to tackle that closet that you can’t even open the door because it won’t close again? (In our space station, we have a closet we are “afraid” of, so like all pink elephants, we ignore it!) Is there a “bucket list” item you must accomplish? How about your health, nutrition and  fitness?

Take this first month of 2011 and LIGHTEN UP!

Body: Lose that holiday weight. 

Step 1 – committ to 45 minutes of cardio 3-4 times per week.

Lay off the liquid sugar by cutting out soda and sports drinks. The mantra of 2011 is “Cut your intake and burn more will have you slimming down in no time.”

Add 3 vegetables a week to take the place of starches. Try swiss chard or spinach topped wiht your favorite tomato sauce, turnips instead of mashed potatos and eggplant rolls.

Mind: Unload and Unwind

Tackle your clutter in short spurts. Set the timer and do it at 30 minute intervals.  Attack one item at a time: books, clothes, cooking utensils, DVDs, towels/sheets.

Read or Watch something to make you laugh for 15 minutes a day. Try Blue Collar Comedy on satelite radio, awkwardfamilyphotos.com, and $!(* my Dad says.

Say NO to a project, meeting or obligation each week and do something for yourself.  This is one of the hardest task you will attack this year.

Soul: Unburden Yourself & Share the Wealth

Donate your gently worn shoes to soles4souls.org

Support humor research. Rxlaughter.org serves seriously ill children and adults in support groups with therapy, relaxation and research.

Reboot for the New Year!

This week, I read a honest, insightful  and inspiring article that seemed so appropriate for the first week of 2011. It is “Reboot for the New Year!”   Here are ten fun idea, smart stategies and useful nuggets to make 2011 the best year ever.

1. Purge and donate to charity.

2. January 3 is Festival of Sleep Day. Being a sleep deprived woman on a regular basis, this is my kind of day. After much reading and educating, sleep related directly to stress, memories, overeating, poor judgement and even a factor in heart disease and strokes.  Santa left a fitbit for me this Christmas.  It is a pedometer, trainer, activity logger and sleep recorder – you wear it 24/7 – even while sleeping. In a short time, the facts have revealed less than 5 hours a sleep per night and awoken on an average of 4 times per night. So sleep, sleep, sleep.

3. Track down your forefathers. January is a popular month for searching your ancestry.  And help figure out why Crazy Aunt Bea insist she was involved in prohibition, yet wasn’t born until the 40′s.

4. Keep that mind sharp, get into Trivia. There are tournaments of Trivia Pursuit, Bezzerwizzer games and request for those who have mastered the sitcoms of the 80′s. Go to teamtrivia.com.

5. Double dates are still fun.  Studies have shown couples that go out on regular double dates have a better understanding of their own relationship and drive commitment.

6. Check out the stars.  Astronomy is not just for NASA, there are local observatories and get  free stargazing at local colleges or desert nights.

7. Catch up with high schol pals. People are finding old friends on Facebook, then chatting into organizing reunions.  

8. Create your OWN lifecoach.  There is so much free information on the web you can build your own coach.  Check out phone apps an computer apps to help you get what you need from your own coach. You can find ones for dieting, organizing bills, nutritional info, avoiding traffic, finding best produce, getting the lowest gas prices in your area and coupons, coupons, coupons.

9. Work Out like a Grunt.  (This is our personal favorite) Get into a Fitness Boot Camp! Get out of your rut. These camps will have you doing a mixture of cardio, strength training and core work.

10. While doing your grueling Bootcamp, plan a GETAWAY. Instead of your staycation, like the past few years, try to rally your friends and meet at crazy locale.  (Think Branson, Missouri, Jackson Hole, Wyoming,  National Baseball Hall of Fame or find out where your favorite band from high school is playing –thus incorporate #7).

There is so much more to share, but we will spare you for now.  Check out Key Supplements for Women on the Food tab.  AND, the yummy chicken and brocoli recipe which is delicious for all!

As always, give us your comments, thoughts, insights and comments.  Make 2011 all about YOU!

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