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This week trying to get into that Fall/Autum/Halloween spirit. Just am not ready to say goodbye to summer. It was to too short. So here we go, jumping into the season.


Looking for a great Halloween costume, shop now and don’t wait. Or you will be THAT parent walking through Party City trying to put together a Space Raider costume with green boa feathers.  Looking for some Halloween customs for the family. Any ideas for us?

When you were a kid, did you build your own or get a store-bought one? A gypsy, ghost, hobo, baby, surfer, G.I. Joe and poodle were always easy to build.

Here is an idea and a way to help the schools.  Purchase your costume from Wholesale Costumes on-line and you get 15% discount and the school gets up to 40%. Click here for the fundraising section.

Candy. Test your knowledge of the best candies to get (read as “eat”‘). Are you a candy bar connoisseur?


What are your favorite pumpkin-infused fall recipes??  And share with us how you make it.

Here is a favorite hint for fall cooking.  Add pumpkin to everything.  Add it to chili, spaghetti sauce, banana bread, muffins, beef stroganoff.  What do you think you can add it to?

Try this one, Roasted Cauliflower Pumpkin Swirl Dip. Check it out at our Food tab.


How are you going to finish 2011? Strong or just waiting for 2012? Do you have any fitness goals to finsih strong this year? Take a long look at you, your goals and your ideas.  Take some time and really think, think, think. What is going to make you happy and end 2011 on a strong arm?

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