Tips for Week of November 14, 2011

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The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming! Here comes Thanksgiving aka “5000 calorie meal”, Hannauka, Christmas, New Years, Work Parties, Cookie Parties, Sleigh Rides, New Year’s Eve and every kind of Football and/or Bowl Party.  How do you compete with all of this craziness and maintain your health, fitness and nutrition? This week’s tips are here for you and to keep those extra pounds away from your hardworking 2011 body!


How to Turn Thanksgiving Green

With the big turkey holiday just a week away, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to consider just how such a potentially gluttonous American holiday might be made more green. After all, any occasion that puts such weight on being thankful for what we have, can easily include being thankful for the air we breathe, the planet we inhabit, the resources we have to use and preserve.

So how can it be done? Below are just a few ideas, some of which are specific to the Thanksgiving holiday, others which you can just make new habits and use the holiday for a new excuse to start being more green.

1) Consider your paper products, cutlery and napkins. Why not dispense with the paper products and make a real go at using cloth napkins, silverware that isn’t plastic, and china or ceramic plateware. Select an environmentally friendly dish washing detergent and do the same with your clothes washing soap when you throw the napkins into the washing machine. Or if you have to go with disposable things, consider recyclable bamboo plates instead.

2) Buy local groceries from farmer’s markets. Think about it: any way you slice it, you can’t go wrong. You’ll be eating seasonable vegetables (beets, parsnips with your roasted potatoes, onions, lettuce in your salads, etc), buying from and supporting local farmers, not contributing to carbon emissions that go into the deliver of your produce from far away farms to local grocery stores, and generally contributing to a sense of local community wherever you live.

3) Get your hands dirty giving to others with less. Why not display your gratitude by getting out into your community and working with others who have less than you do. Being charitable has its own problems — too often and too easily, we just write a check and feel like we’re ok, and maybe it’s just not the most appropriate thing to put ourselves above others in that way. Instead, why not find a local foodbank, and really get out there with others, socialize, bring and serve food, make friends, share the holiday with others who might not otherwise pass through your life.

4) Buy an Organic Free-Range Turkey. Animals raised in free range environments are generally treated in a fashion that is more humane. The turkey will inevitably be more expensive, but this is a great place to start this holiday.

5) Recycle and Re-use your Thanksgiving decorations. Seriously. If you get into the spirit by converting your house into a pilgrim-era masterwork, then make a box for your decorations and use them every year. Contributing to the spirit of being green can be as simple as not purchasing and throwing away, year after year, decorative turkeys, pilgrims, leaves and more.

6) Recycle your travel miles by purchasing carbon credits. When you travel, in case you haven’t heard about this, you can purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions you generate just by living on the planet. Especially if you jump on an airplane or travel long distances in the car when you go to meet family or friends on Thanksgiving. Carbon credits work by certifying that greenhouse gas has been removed from the air or that greenhouse gas emissions have been prevented.

7) Consider using glassware and glass jars to store leftovers. Skip the plastic containers, disposable plastic cartons and plastic bags this year. Make a small but long-term investment in some glassware and glass jars to house your leftovers. Many of these plastic products (used to store leftovers in the kitchen) are single-use petroleum products, and some even contain PVC, a chemical that can leach. If you can’t buy the glass products, consider using aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap because it is recyclable.


The holidays are coming and in addition to shopping, gifts and gatherings — there is also lots and lots of food. All the holiday goodies and cheer can make it difficult to stay in shape and keep off extra weight. Here are tips from women all over the country. It seems drinking lots of water, smaller plates and EXERCISE are the top of the list. Nothing new, but something to consciously think about. The one comment about support, research, blogs and motivation really inspired me!

Do you have a special tip?

This is not a new one, but it works–use small plates to serve yourself. They make it seem as if the servings are large. – Cyndi

I drink a lot of water-plus I use a small plate for eating.. – Julie

My best tip is to drink a lot of water. – Sue

I honestly don’t really have a tip except for eating less and drinking more water. I myself drink too much soda and eat too much junk food which is something I should really work on. – Allie

My tip is to buy smaller plates and bowls, that way you will eat less :) – Port

WATER!!! The more I drink, the more I lose! – Mel

My biggest weight loss secret was: nursing! I know this doesn’t apply to anyone besides new mothers, but I would definitely recommend it to new mothers! It helped me lose all the baby weight within 3 months (and I wasn’t working out or on some crazy diet)! – Amy

My best weight loss secret is no secret-exercise! It really works! – Deborah

I stop eating after dinner each night – Diane

Center your diet on whole grains, veggies and lean protein. – Jinx

My best weight loss tip is to reduce caloric intake. Find out what is optimum for your current weight and your goal weight, and try to stick to it. – Auriette

My best secret is reading food/healthy living blogs for motivation, healthy recipe ideas and new exercise moves and routines! – Sara

The best (and easiest) weight loss tip I’ve found is to drink two or three glasses of water before and after every meal, which makes your stomach a lot fuller and prevents overeating during meals and unnecessary snacking between them. Thanks! – Georgette

I wish I had a secret! – Mrs. Prissy Pants

Drink lots of water! – Manni

It’s not really a secret…but eating good portions and exercising regularly keeps working for me. – Erica C

My best tip: use a salad plate. your eyes think you are getting more food! – QB

My best tip is everything in moderation and water, water, water. – JSC

My best secret is to drink water and give up soda. After awhile you actually enjoy the taste of water and it’s way healthier. – Kitty

Eat less and eat more veggies and fruits. Thanks. – Joy

I don’t have a secret because it’s hard for me to lose weight, that’s why I’m trying to win the scale to start portioning better :) – Nancy


The only thing that seems to work for me is a low-carb diet.

Drink an 8 ounce glass of water before each meal. It will make your stomach feel full so you’ll eat less. – Tracey

The best weight loss tip is the usual – eat less, eat healthy and exercise more. – Sandra

Since I need to lose weight, not sure how good my tips are – LOL But I was told to use a smaller plate – so that smaller portions look larger and you feel fuller. – Janice


Here is a fabulous and easy Chicken Verde for Tacos or Burrittos. In fact, you could use it for your leftover turkey next week. My only suggestions, do not use spicy salsa or verde sauce, because the heat can overpower how fabulous this really is. Thanks again to Skinny Crock Pot. Their recipes are great for everyone.

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