Take a good long look!

Posted on 20. Nov, 2013 by in Fitness, Friends, Fun, Uncategorized

Today was an intersting observation day. I was watching an old episode of Sex & the City while doing cardio. Kim Cattral had on a string bikini in this episdoe. She looked fabulous! I started thinking, she is 40+, I am 40++. Even though she has a trainer, the Hollywood life and I’m sure a chef, I could look that with some more dedication.

So after my shower, I decided to really “look”. My body has some “marks” and “scars” that I am sure Kim doesn’t have. A scar on my top rib from a chest tube, a scar on my other rib from a skin cancer biopsy, a large T shaped scar from my abdominal reconstrution and of course some extra stretch marks from 2 big babies. After really looking, I had a new thought! Kim looks great and she should because she is on TV. I am a reality mom! I have lived, lived on the edge and lived some more. These “marks” are my life and I am proud of all of them. Anyone, these days can have a perfect body, but mine is a great story!!

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