Sugar, Sugar, EVERYWHERE!

Posted on 20. Feb, 2014 by in Food, Uncategorized

This is no longer a challenge– this your child’s health!!

Something to remember an adult body can only process about 1 ounce of sugar at a time, that’s about 6 teaspoons which is 24 grams of sugar. 6 oz of orange juice has 22g, lemonade 32g, 3 mini iced oatmeal cookies 11g (who eats 3?). The excess sugar is stored hoping to be used, if not it is converted to fat.

Remember as you feed you kids little treats through out the day, it adds up! Quickly!! We don’t intentionally harm our children, but long term damage we cause to their bodies by overloading them with sugar (in most processed foods) will shorten their life by contributing to heart disease, cancers, arthritis and diabetes. The best thing you can do is put up with a little anger from your kiddos as you say no to soda, juice, to much syrup, to large of portions, unnecessary seconds, cereal bars, Gatorade, Snapple….you get the idea. Read labels and be aware.

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