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SNAC’S ‘real life’ strategies for helping overweight and obese kids make healthy changes. 
1) You have more control than your think. Turn off the TV, park as far as you can from your destination. Serve 1 or 2 extra vegetables for dinner.
2) You think about long term benefits of healthy eating, but talk to them about the immediate benefits of healthy eating. They will feel better playing soccer, better at reading, more fun running around with their friends. This a great time to pull out your SNAC pack.
3) Make small easy changes for big long term benefits. Instead of suggestion “We are going for a walk every night”, suggest “Let’s pick 2 nights a week we have time to walk.” If walking after dinner isn’t an option, pick the weekends to play outside together. Winter harsh where you are at? Have a how many can you do? day. 10 push ups, 10 jumping jacks, who can do more, who can do them fast, who can do them slow?

No one strategy is going to work for every family. Find your own rhythm and move in a healthy direction.

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