Shopping for Thanksgiving AND Saving $$$

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The holidays can be so expensive so here are good tips for saving money where you can…

1. Decide your menu early and shop ahead. Clip coupons and search for items on sale. has a great search engine for coupons of all kinds. If you start early you shouldn’t have to pay full price for anything. Grocery stores feature the makings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal as their best sale items the week of Thanksgiving and coupon companies are issuing coupons for dozens of Thanksgiving necessities already!

2. Get your turkey for free. Many supermarkets offer free turkeys to customers who spend a certain amount of money during a promotional period.

3. Go Potluck with your Thanksgiving Dinner, just like the original one! Ask guests to bring their favorite dish or assign each guest a dish from your menu. Everyone wants to contribute and enjoys having a piece of their holiday tradition on the table. Hosting potluck means no one is bearing too much of the stress financially or otherwise.

4. If potluck is not your style and you enjoy cooking the meal on your own, assign guests dessert. Dessert can actually cost more than the meal. Make dessert from scratch and save lots. Thanksgiving cookies, pies and cupcakes in the store are quite expensive.

5. Make your own centerpiece for Thanksgiving instead of buying expensive flowers. Use what you have around the house, in the kitchen and in your yard like pine cones, candles, pumpkins, gourds, fruit and colorful leaves.

One of my favorite centerpieces is the cornocopia my kids made in a Mommy and Me class. Take a sugar cone, glue it to a paper plate, fill it with nuts, leaves, jelly candies, flowers, etc.  All glued inside and around the cone. Then add glitter or colored glue around the edges.  They are beautiful. I put them on a raised cake plate in the middle of the table with candles around it.


Remember Thanksgiving is about sharing a meal and being thankful for family and friends. Keep to basics and focus on what is important.

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