Remember every birthday with the same events.

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How do you celebrate your child’s birthday?

A friend recently told me how they celebrate her daughter’s birthday morning. The first picture they take is a picture of their daughter in the nightgown my friend wore on the day her daughter was born.  They have been doing this since she was 1 yr old, so from lying in the gown, to sitting up with folds around her, to currently, at age 9, almost having the gown clear the floor it is the same picture through the years.

The second way to celebrate is to “interview” the birthday girl with the same questions every year.  How old are you?, Who are your friends?, What do you want to be when you grow up?, What is your favorite thing to do?, What is your favorite food?.

I thought these were great ideas, unfortunately I wished I had heard of these activities when my kids were babies. At age 9 and 7, I don’t think they will let me put them in a nightgown. But starting this year, 2012, we are going to incorporate a twist of these ideas into our birthday celebrations. The interview is a great idea and maybe having them wear the same hat every year. The tradition will carry on to their kids, hopefully.

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