Interview with Ms. T! Honesty!

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Ms. T is back!! This time I was able to interview her and get some more insight to her incredible stamina during this life changing journey.  Check it out! 

RockIt Mom: How excited are you that you are half way to your goal?

Ms. T: It is exciting. I have not made it this far before. Although I am happy to have reached this point, it is a bit hard to know it is only 1/2 the distance to goal. I can feel my resolve slipping a little bit . I feel better, I look better and currently weigh what I did 12 years ago. I can see myself settling in and have to fight against that.

RockIt Mom: A little bird told me you “are human” and had a little liquor?

Ms. T: Yes, it is true. I am a beer girl but since I cannot drink beer right now (too many carbohydrates) I had some vodka. I had really really good Vodka mind you. I was at a Irish Catholic baptism party and the dad was pouring drinks. I was ready to imbibe and he was persuasive. I had just a little straight vodka chilled 3 different times during the party. I think it might have totaled one traditional shot. I felt like crap the rest of the night, headed pounded and yucky. I think this is a good thing as husband and I are headed to Vegas in a week and I doubt the same temptation will be there. I can have fun sober with a quiet head…although I am not sure about dancing at Coyote Ugly sober!

RocktIt Mom: How is your closet evolving?

Ms. T: My closet barely has anything in it. I have given the Union Gospel Mission a lot of clothes in the past 2 and 1/2 months, suits, jeans, t’s, sweaters, coats, polos and sweatshirts. I have a very negative co worker who chastised me” saying don’t you know you need to keep clothes in 3 sizes you will likely gain it back”. My response was don’t you know that is just giving you permission to gain the weight back. If I gain it back, shame on me and I deserve to go broke refilling the closet. I have been judicious about buying new clothes, I have either taken peoples hand me downs as they go down sizes or have found the sales at Kohls, TJ Maxx, or Target. I have bought 2 new suits for work and they are 4 sizes smaller than what I was wearing in Jan, Feb and March. I can stretch these over the next few months and hope they to get too big.

The biggest change is my loss of the beloved polo shirt. Polo shirts have been a mainstay for me. In part because I am a child of the 80′s remember LaCosta? In part because they don’t cling and aren’t flashy and in part because you can buy them in ALL sizes everywhere. From womens Large to men’s XXL-they work and no one is the wiser (or so you tell yourself). Sadly, my polos all got too big and my friends have implored me to try and go the summer without them. Today I had on…I can’t believe this myself…what can only be called a blouse, sort of a flowing thing that gathered at the waist.

RockIt Mom: Do you think this journey has changed you in ways other than physically?

Ms. T: To a certain extent it has had some influence. I feel more in control around food usually. I have passed up more potatoes, cookies, pies, cakes, beer, bread, and nuts in the last few months. It re enforces that I can make good choices and not deny myself. i don’t have to say yes just because I can.

RockIt Mom: You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet and you can’t stay the course without exercise. Have you found the balance?

Ms. T: Absolutely not. I still hate exercise, I still haven’t made it a habit and I still am unbalanced! However, I am thinking about it more often than before and will likely do something about that in the next few months.

RockIt Mom:  Way to go Ms. T!  Keep up the phenomenal work! We love hearing from you! Next time, I really hope you are adding some sort of exercise to your day(s)!! Any of our Mammas have any advice for Ms. T to continue on this amazing journey? 

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