Heroines that Inspire

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We all have idols and heroes.  There is Condoleezza Rice, Jillian Michaels, Jackie Warner, Kelly Ripa and Justice Ginsberg.  But who do you have “locally” or in your group of peers that really stand out and make you think, I have my own heroine right here.

We have a RockIt Mom, let’s call her “Tinks”. “Tinks” works more than full-time, is married and has 3 young children under the age of 6.  She works so hard at her job, her marriage and  being a mom that is rarely any Tinks time.  Her weekends are packed with sports, dance, swim, birthday parties, helping friends, Daisy leader, fundraising for her favorite charity, grocery shopping, cleaners, and and and…

When Tinks and I met 4 years ago, she only had two kids.  She came to me for training and fitness.  We worked and worked and got her to her best shape in years.  Then came Baby #3.  Baby #3 took all that hard work and more.  After her last kid, work came a knocking. They wanted to give her promotions and titles.  This was her dream, but a newborn did not “calculate”.  Tinks decided being mom, wife and working stiff was enough for now. She dove into all three jobs with 100% gusto for each role.

Over the years, Tinks has tried all types of exercise and programs.  She was a Beach Body, P90Xer, Weight Watcher and more.  She just can’t get a routine that keeps rolling. Until now. Tinks has decided to start running, training and do races.  She knows she is over her ideal weight and not the fastest on the block, but she is doing it.  Even though there is no Tinks time ever, she has carved out some exercise time at 7:00 am on Sunday mornings. 

I have had the pleasure of running and training with Tinks over the past few weeks. She is so inspirational.  She is funny and keeps on going. 

In our last run, I was suppose to be supporting her and running the clock.  When the 6.5 miles were over, she was the one supporting and inspiring me.  She keeps on going.  Like I said, she is not in any time pace except her own.  Personally, after running and training with marathon and half-marathon friends, it was like a gift to run with Tinks.  She may be slower than you, but she keeps going.  She keeps chatting and the jokes never stop.

I haven’t run that far in long time.  But running with Tinks, I was ready to go another few miles.  She is my true Inspirational Hero.

Who is yours? Share it with us so we can be happy, positive and inspired.

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  1. Tina Griffith 22 May 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    Words cannot express how humbled I am as I read this. I always consider YOU my heroine! You have been such a positive presence in my life from fitness goals to motherhood issues, you are always there supporting, understanding and listening to every one of your RockIt Moms and for that we thank you!

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