Fun and Inexpensive Dates for Valentine’s Day or any Date Night.

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One of my favorite posts from a few years ago, but still relevant today!

Valentine’s Day is less than 24 hours and we are all wondering, “What can I do with my Valentine?”. And how do I do this reasonably priced? In today’s economy, here are some inexpensive, but fun ideas. Try them out and just enjoy each other!!

1. Watch a Whole Season of your favorite show, series or the first movie you saw together. Cuddle up, with some popcorn or homemade s’mores and enjoy.

2. Go Retro! Head to a coffee shop, order shakes and fries. Be sure to bring your high school yearbooks and reminisce about the good old days. You may even laugh a little at the hair, clothes and things others wrote so long ago.

3. People are intriguing. Grab your latte and find a busy park or mall. Find a place to park and people watch. Then make up great fictional stories about why they are out, what they are shopping for or who they are looking for. This is great at the beach!

4. A Top Chef Competition at Home. Decide on a special dish, buy the ingredients ahead of time, prepare you stations, set the timer and whip the delicious recipe, separately. This is where your competition factors come in. When the buzzer goes off, sit down and enjoy your meals.

5. Celebs don’t have the best lives. Find a tabloid magazine, sit down together over your favorite beverage and make up revenge fantasies about celebrities or reality-celebs. How to get Favre to retire? What would happen if Jon Gosselin got his new girlfriend pregnant with octuplets, it would be “John Minus Kate, Plus 16″.

6. Find a race or event you want to do and train for it, together. Think of the extra “together time” you will have training and competing.

7. Take a class together (i.e. bartending, how to make sushi, getting on the stage at the IMPROV, taking the best photos). Mostly these classes are only a few hours and then go out and try what you have learned.

Have a blast and love the one your with!!!

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