Family Calendar — whose the keeper?

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  1. How do you keep track of the family calendar?
    Paper, Outlook, on-line program, smart phone/iPad?

    • Julia Google calendar. Links all our phones, computers, and iPads. It’s awesome!
      Nita  Old school – paper calendar in the kitchen
    • Liz  Google:) I make calendars for the kids and for my husbands schedule and birthdays. I linked it to ICal. (That is the tricky part) and then found the best app for my phone called Week Cal that shows everything. Then in that app I used the mini week function and everything shows up, instead of having little dots on the days. I’ll be interested to know what everyone else uses!
    • Liz  Oops, the app week cal, I use the mini MONTH view and it shows everything I have.
    • Julia Geez Liz. That’s a lot. You are always so organized with everything. The calendar app for my phone is CalenMob.
    • Liz Ill check that app out! If we could cut out iCal that would be great!
    • Kerry Daily calendar on a wipe board on the door to my girls’ room so they know what they are doing after school. Weekly calendar on wipe board in kitchen. Master calendar, iPhone all the way. 

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