Endorphins are Imperative!

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It is only the second week of school and I have been super edgy, impatient, cranky and not being the “Mommy” I want to be! I love summertime. It is my favorite season of the year. Who doesn’t love sun, fun, beach, pools, warm weather, cute sandals, sundresses, amusement parks, amazing fresh fruit, movies at 10am and the best part — sleeping in!! However, our launch pad has not been a cool place to hang out. In fact, it has been very stressful and argumentative. Why, Why, Why?

Today I had an epiphany that explained  all of the stress and crankiness of the past two weeks — missing endorphins from workouts! In two weeks, I have only had 3 workouts! I usually workout 6 times a week and try to do lots of fun physical activities with the family on weekends. All that has been absent. There has not been any “me” time, “workout” time or even time to take a shower without numerous children (and their friends) coming into the bathroom for food requests or help “finding” something.

This morning, I woke up at 7am (two hours before our normal summer wake up time around here). RockIt Dad thought I should sleep since insomnia has been a regular visitor. I crawled out of bed, stumbled into my running clothes, grabbed a water and hit the trails.  I put in my headphones and was already excited to be outside in the cool air! I ran for over 40 minutes, up hills, down hills, by some horses, through a nursery and by a creek (dried up but still there)! When I got home, I noticed some animals had decided to invade our backyard trash cans and there was trash EVERYWHERE!! Now, earlier in the week or last week, I would have flipped out! Today, it was actually easy to handle this chore.

The day got even better. The kids were in camp, so I took advantage of the time and ran some errands. Once I finished the errands, which with the lil rockets would have taken me all day, I had time to go to the gym! I headed over as giddy as a teenager! I got some more cardio done, weights, and core exercises.  I rushed back to pick up the kids and they asked to stay late, so we did!!

When we got home, we were all laughing, joking and “fighting” over who got to do what chore! It was obvious! I NEED & REQUIRE endorphins. It’s like caffeine or crack!

I am so happy to realize this! It makes so much more sense than just a raving lunatic Mommy who was ready for school to start only two weeks into summer break!

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