2012– The Year to Kick It Into Gear!

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To get back on track or start a new track — Don’t think “DIET TIME!” it will only frustrate you! Think what one thing can I do to be better? Here is your ONE THING for January — BREAKFAST!  Starting tomorrow – the first full week of January 2012 – eat the following every day for breakfast! After a few weeks, it will be second nature.

Here it is:

6-8 oz. of fat free yogurt or preferably Greek yogurt. (less than 120 cal/serving).

** to start you can add cinnamon, honey or raw agave nectar to it.

1 piece of plain toast (less than 65 cal/serving)

** to start you can add .25 teaspoon of butter or spray butter.

1 serving of fruit (1/4 cantaloupe, 1 apple, pint of berries, 1.5 banana, .5 grapefruit)

8 oz. of coffee or tea – preferably green tea!

(We will add to it in a few weeks to break it up.)

Next and just as important – SNACK

Approx. 3 hours after breakfast.

Option 1: 5-6 oz. of carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, peppers, radishes with 10-12 nuts (cashews, almonds, etc.).

Option 2: Celery (3-4 pieces) w/ .5 teaspoon of nut butter.

You can start with just the breakfast, you can do breakfast and snack or you can ignore me all together. Your choice. 2012 is the “Kick It In Gear Year!”

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