2012 is coming in with a BANG!

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Hello all, this is more of a personal note to all of you and an explanation of being MIA lately.

First, I apologize for not keeping up on my social media, website and the like. Initially, I took a step back to enjoy the holidays with my family. I am an official “Christmas junkie”! I decorate my house the day after Thanksgiving (which includes 4 trees and lots of “stuff”), go out looking at Christmas lights as much as possible, do sleigh rides, visit Santa, bake cookies, decorate gingerbread houses, make ornaments, host my annual Ladies Only PJ Christmas party and watch a mountain of holiday movies and tv shows. This year, I really wanted to focus on my family, because alas I don’t know how much longer I can get by with Mr. & Mrs. C. My kids are pretty smart, but I think they may believe just to make me happy!

Then before we could even ring in the New Year, my 8 yrs. old daughter broke/fractured her leg. BEWARE of the deadly bouncehouse. She was jumping for less than 20 minutes, rolled her ankle and fractured her distal fibula.  Bring on 2012!!  With this injury, I have regressed to the days of a needy infant who needs everything and I mean everything done for them. Not only have my duties been increased, but keeping her busy along with her super energized little brother takes all my creativity! Things he can do to burn energy and things she can do to keep her happy, not the same. So while I may get her into a movie or craft, I run outside to play baseball or football with him. When it is finally my time to be “RockIt Mom” and posts and comment and provide tips, I am exhausted!

I am hoping when they return to school next week, reality sets back in! I can focus on them when needed and all of you when they are in school! Please bear with me for the next few days while we hopefully return to some sort of normalcy at our launch pad!

My hopes and goals for all of you are that 2012 is what YOU want it to be. If you have set resolutions and already pushed them to the side, no worries. Take a baby step back, re-evaluate and see how you can achieve that goal. It may require baby steps to hit it. For example, if you said you want to lose 50 lbs. REALLY? Is that an attainable goal? Let’s start off the right way, because a diet is not going to get you there. Lifestyle changes are the key. Start off with – eating healthy for 4 days/week. Or give up processed foods Monday through Friday. Then progress to eating 5 servings of vegetables per day. From there, it is start walking 30 minutes per day at least 3 times per week. Baby steps will help you achieve that goal, not drastic measures that are doomed from the beginning.

As always, if you need some help, advice, tips or the like, I am more than happy to help or provide you information that has helped me and clients in the past. Feel free to email me at Dana@RockItMom.com with any questions or comments.

In the meantime, enjoy the little accomplishments each day.  And take at least 5 minutes to meditate, breath and think of only yourself!

See you next week!

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