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Weekly Tips for July 5, 2010

Posted on 05. Jul, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tips from RockIt Mom:  

1. GREEN – Mr. RockIt Mom and I have the discussion, repeatedly, about the waste of electricity while we sleep.  One would think a professional energy efficiency engineer would agree with me.  Yet, he continues to argue that turning a light off at the base, while the switch is on is NOT a (more…)

Weekly Tips

Posted on 15. Feb, 2010 in Fun

Weekly Tips from RockIt Mom:

1. GREEN - Get organic fresh fruit and veggies from a CSA farm or farm produce program.  If you figure out how much you spend weekly going to the store, your time and gas, these delivery services make much more sense.  A few friends have started this for 2010 and love it.  Plus you are given recipes for the items in your box.   In So. Cal, try www.bewiseranch.com;  www.jrorganicsfarm.com or www.tierramiguelfarm.org.  For your local area, go to www.localharvest.org/csa(more…)