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Plyometerics are back with a new twist.

Posted on 19. Sep, 2010 in Exercises

Plyometrics: Jump on It!

This explosive plyometrics workout will get you a fierce physique–fast!¬† Here’s some news to make you kick up your heels: A smokin’ hot bod may be just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Some of the best workouts for women incorporate superfast explosive movements to fire up your fitness level by improving your coordination and agility. And one University of Nebraska study found that participants who improved their vertical jump also logged significantly faster 10-K running times. Even better: All that bounding and leaping builds lean muscle mass, your express ticket to a sleeker shape. (more…)

Exercise for May 2, 2010 — DOUBLE JACK

Posted on 02. May, 2010 in Exercises

Double Jack

Targets: Shoulders, arms, abs, and thighs

 Stand on discs (or paper plates) with feet hip-width apart, holding one end of resistance band (jump rope can be used) in each hand, arms by sides.

Slide feet out to sides as you raise arms out to sides at shoulder level (like a jumping jack), pulling band tight; slide feet in and bend elbows to bring hands near chest at shoulder level. Repeat.

Then, with hands by sides, slide 2 steps to the right. Do 2 jacks, then slide step to the left and do 2 jacks. Repeat combo for 1 minute.