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Exercise of the Week — July 26, 2010

Posted on 26. Jul, 2010 in Exercises

Tree Plank

Targets: Shoulders, chest, back, and abs

With back to a tree, get on all fours so that heels are a few feet away from tree trunk. Place both forearms on ground, elbows underneath shoulders.

Straighten legs behind you one at a time and walk feet up tree until body is parallel to ground. (Beginners can keep feet on ground for a traditional plank or rest feet on a low step instead.) Hold for 10 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. (As you improve, increase hold and rest by 10 seconds until you can hold for a full minute.) Do 2 reps.

Tip: To make it easier, walk your feet higher on the tree trunk while still keeping your abs engaged and back straight. To make it more difficult, do push-ups while in the plank or split legs to make it a one leg plank.

This is a great exercise and really gives you the feeling of exercising outside the norm and conquering a crazy exercise.

Exercise of the Week – Weighted Abs

Posted on 11. Jul, 2010 in Exercises

Standing Barbell Twist :


Primary Muscle Is : Abdominals
Secondary Muscles : None
Equipment Used : Barbell
Mechanics : Isolation
INSTRUCTIONS : The Instructions for the exercise Standing Barbell Twist is follows : The standing barbell twist work out focuses on your oblique. Grab a light barbell and relax it on the muscle on the backside of your neck. Do not rest the weight on your neck, Stand up straight, with your feet firmly on the ground at a wide than shoulder width stance, and your backside straight. Slowly twist your torso to the right and then to the left. Tense up your middle section. Twist as far as possible. Do not shift your head with the twist, stay eyes facing forward.
TIPS : The Tips for the exercise Standing Barbell Twist is follows : Do not look from side to side; stay your head facing forward. Stay your abs tight throughout the entire set. Make sure you have sufficient room if you are using an Olympic bar!


Exercise of the Week: Beach Workouts

Posted on 29. Jun, 2010 in Exercises

Popular Beach Exercises

Planning a day-out during the summer might steal some precious time from exercising. However there’s nothing more soothing and healthy than to fuse fun and workout with the most popular beach exercises. Being at the beach and enjoying the sunlight as well as the smooth sand doesn’t mean you should skip your regular exercise program. Instead skim through the various groovy ideas on how to keep your body in a spotless shape even when on the beach. Professional trainers will help you spend the day in a fruitful and silhouette improving manner.

When we decide to spend our holidays at the beach it might seem hard to adjust it to our workout plan. However exercise gurus found the perfect solution to combine a healthy workout routine with fun beach games. These besides making you feel fabulous would also keep you in the groove in order to train your muscles and lose weight in a healthy way. Gyms might have all the necessary equipments, still outdoor training leads the top of sought-after exercise plans due to the natural and healthier conditions and fresh air. Take advantage of the good weather and invite your friends to a soothing beach outing and have fun with the popular beach exercises that include group activities as paddle ball, volley ball as well as Frisbee. Leave the house with all the necessary equipments to make your day more active and dynamic. These are some of the groovy exercises you can embed in your beach holiday.


•Those who are fond of this easy-to-handle and fun game can opt for Frisbee as one of the remedies to improve our body shape. A beach holiday can help you lose weight with fun activities that keep you active for a few hours per day. Frisbee is a well-known beach activity that can help you tone the muscles in the abs, legs as well as back area.

•In this case all you have to do is keep the proper distance and use your muscles to catch the Frisbee. As one of the popular Cardio exercises it will keep your heart rate on the proper level to burn calories. Choose a low or high intensity Frisbee session and make sure you include your friends too in this fun workout.


•There’s no doubt about the fact that the worth-admiring silhouette of volleyball player girls is the direct result of the muscle toning ability of this sport. Indeed some might be eager to play it just for fun, still this beach game can also have a miraculous effect on our weight loss.

•According to professionals playing volleyball at least 1 hour at the beach can burn no less than 9 kcal every minute. Besdies the arms it will train your legs as well as back muscles. Moreover you’ll also have the flat belly you always dreamed about especially if you keep up with this routine for at least a few weeks.


•Swimming is among the most relaxing and at the same time muscle training activities that feature in the top of popular workouts set by trainers. As one of the exercises that tackles all muscle groups and improves the condition of our bones and joints, swimming is highly recommended both for those who are eager to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as lose weight.

•Without doubt regular swimming for at least 30 minutes t0 1 hour per day will help you burn 500-600 calories per session. Make sure you proceed from the simple to complex swimming patterns in order to get your body into the groove and also spare yourself from injuries and joint pain.

Tai Chi and Yoga

•Both of these relaxing and stress-relieving exercises are popular and practiced individually or in large groups on the beach. Enjoying the warm sunlight as well as the fresh air are some of the main benefits of doing Yoga or other breathing and stretching exercises on the sand.

•Choose the best time of the day as well as apparel in order to prevent your skin from burning and deterioration.

•Work on your abs, legs and shoulder to have a well-defined and flawless beach body. Keep in mind the importance of breathing and make sure you release the tension from your muscles with a daily 30 minutes Yoga or Tai Chi session.

Surfing (RockIt Mom’s favorite beach time activity)

•Surfer guys and girls have the most polished beach bodies due to the fabulous effect of this sport and exercise plan on their body. As a workout that would require balance, flexibility and above all muscles it is advisable for those who are keen to experiment with new things. Start with the easy and smaller waves then proceed to the next level when ready for some challenge. Surfing will target the upper body as well as buttocks and legs. Therefore engage into a similar whole-body workout plan and learn from professionals to have the desired effect.

Turn your summer holiday on the beach into a cool and soothing silhouette makeover. Work on your critical sections to have the most stunning beach body and make an impression with your toned muscles. Take special care also of your skin in order to prevent it from the damaging effect of the sun.

Thanks www.becomegorgeous.com.

Exercise for May 10, 2010 — Jennifer Aniston’s Reverse Crunch

Posted on 10. May, 2010 in Exercises

Whittle your waist away with this great core exercise, REVERSE CRUNCH.

1. Lie on your back with hands alongside your body.  Bend your knees 90 degrees, lifting your feet and crossing your ankles.

2. Contract your abs, using them to slowly curl your butt and hips up off the mat, keeping your legs bent at 90 degreees.  Lower back down slowly.  Do 3 sets of 15 reps about 3 times per week, while avoiding overeating.

For a challenge: Do this move on a decline bench with your head toweard the top end. To stablilize yourself, hold the bench with your hands behind your head.


Posted on 03. May, 2010 in Fitness

Specialty class TOMORROW — CARDIO DAY!! The hill is challenging YOU! Are you up for it? It is at 9am at La Costa Greens HOA park/Tennis Courts on Alicante (just .4 miles north of intersection of Alicante and Alga Way). Park on Goldstone Rd. at the Tennis Courts. RSVP ASAP!

It was beautiful today, you want to look ready for summer! No more hiding in jeans, boots, scarves and sweaters!! Let Dana know if you can make it!!

Exercise for May 2, 2010 — DOUBLE JACK

Posted on 02. May, 2010 in Exercises

Double Jack

Targets: Shoulders, arms, abs, and thighs

 Stand on discs (or paper plates) with feet hip-width apart, holding one end of resistance band (jump rope can be used) in each hand, arms by sides.

Slide feet out to sides as you raise arms out to sides at shoulder level (like a jumping jack), pulling band tight; slide feet in and bend elbows to bring hands near chest at shoulder level. Repeat.

Then, with hands by sides, slide 2 steps to the right. Do 2 jacks, then slide step to the left and do 2 jacks. Repeat combo for 1 minute.

Weekly Tips for Earth Week, April 19, 2010

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Tips from RockIt Mom:

1. GREEN – In honor of Earth Day, Earth Week and Earth Fair, there are a number of GREEN tips this week.  

First, what do you do with that old throw rug or carpet pieces?  Here are some ideas: use it to protect your knees when gardening. put in the sink when working on faucet so pieces don’t go down the drain and tools don’t scratch the sink, tape/glue to the wall so when open car door you don’t ding the wall, place between washer/dryer so when items fall down, (more…)

Exercise of the Week for April 5, 2010

Posted on 05. Apr, 2010 in Exercises

Two Handed Wood Chop

Stand holding a 5 or 8 pound dumbbell in both hands next to your right ear.  Brace your abs and rotate your torso to the left as you extend your arms and lower the dumbbell to the outside of your left knee. Lift it back to the start position.  That is one rep.   Be sure to engage our abs/core throughout the ENTIRE exercise movement.  Do 10 reps, then repeat on the opposite side for same amount of reps. 

Do this exercise at least 3 times per week.  If you don’t have a dumbbell, use a large water bottle, bleach bottle and work your way up to weights.  Don’t start off at 8 lbs. if you have never done this exercise before.  Start with out any weight, the next session, use a water bottle and go slowly.  If you ever feel any pain, stop immediately.   Time to get ready for  swimsuit and tank top season which is on its way! 

Exercise of the Week – Russian Twist

Posted on 27. Feb, 2010 in Exercises

Not sure how this information is getting to RockIt Mom, but we have been provided and read numerous articles lately, that the Russian Twist – ab/oblique exercise is one to boost your metabolism and build explosiveness in the upper torso.  It can be done with or without weight.  To begin, try it for 3 sets of 12-15 reps without weight.  The next time add a 5 lbs. plate or dumbell. 

PERFORMING THE RUSSIAN TWIST: Lie down on the floor with knees bent like in a “sit-up” position. The feet should be kept together and slightly above the ground or put under a stable surface. The torso should be kept straight with the back is kept off the ground at a 45 degree angle. Arms should be held together away from the body in a straight fashion and hands are kept locked together like a ball or one can hold a weight to increase the difficulty. Next, the arms should be moved from one side to another in a twisting motion, with each swing to a side counting as one repetition. The slower one moves their arms from side to side, the harder the exercise becomes and the abdomen being worked better. When moving your arms during the exercise, it is crucial to not stop in between repetitions else you will lose the effect of working the abdomen. Constant breathing in and out during the exercise is important as one should not hold his/her breath.