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Sugar, Sugar, EVERYWHERE!

Posted on 20. Feb, 2014 in Food, Uncategorized

This is no longer a challenge– this your child’s health!!

Is your address your HOME?

Posted on 21. Jan, 2014 in Fun

Where you currently live is this where you want to be? Do you want to move out of state? Do you love your home? Tolerate it?

Where would you move to if you could? And take your family?

New Yummy Recipe

Posted on 09. Dec, 2013 in Food

Today was a happy day at dinner time! A new recipe that was renovated from an old midwestern recipe.  Twice Baked Potatoes has a new look. 

Take a good long look!

Posted on 20. Nov, 2013 in Fitness, Friends, Fun, Uncategorized

Today was an intersting observation day. I was watching an old episode of Sex & the City while doing cardio. Kim Cattral had on a string bikini in this episdoe. She looked fabulous! I started thinking, she is 40+, I am 40++. Even though she has a trainer, the Hollywood life and I’m sure a chef, I could look that with some more dedication.

Tomato, Spinach & Chick peas???

Posted on 02. Nov, 2013 in Food

I usually am good to try any new recipe, but this one needs a new chef?

Who is in to try it and report back??

Spinach, Tomato and Chick Peas….

I don’t have time….

Posted on 02. Nov, 2013 in Fitness

I’m too busy with kids, work, sports, family obligations, a husband and everything else.  Here is a great workout you can do ANYWHERE!! Click here and have some fun, include the kids!