Is your address your HOME?

Posted on 21. Jan, 2014 by in Fun

Where you currently live is this where you want to be? Do you want to move out of state? Do you love your home? Tolerate it?

Where would you move to if you could? And take your family?

As a “quasi-native” of Southern Cal –specifically San Diego (by that I mean I have lived here longer than where I grew up, been here over 29 years), I will never ever leave.  I have left for short jaunts — 6 months; 1 year; 18 months — but always come back “HOME”.  I know Southern Cal is known as the “Land of Fruits and Nuts”, but to me its HOME and I adore it.

That said, this article was a hoot!  For all your Southern Cal gals — FOCUS on what an amazing place you live. For all others — sit back, and enjoy our craziness!

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