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Posted on 06. May, 2013 by in You Go Girl

I have spent a month so far on my weight loss journey or rather my back to health journey.  Really I think that for me, I have to look at it as a health journey.  There remains that residual frustration when I view it as weight loss only.  I feel like I am trying to comport with the societal baloney about women needing to be a certain size and shape.  I then feel compelled to rebel which is odd b/c I am not a rebel.

So for some, not all,  I think the first step to success is to change the paradigm to health.  It isn’t about fitting into the skinny jeans (although that is a nice perk) but it is about having healthy organs.  That is one reason RockIt Mom is so successful b/c it isn’t about looks, but rather about celebrating abilities and achievements.  It might take you 5 hours to finish a marathon but the fact that you created a body that allowed you to finish it is  the big deal..not the time.

I am working to remember that when I have consistently made good choices and only see a 2 pound movement on the scale or a three inch change overall in arms, chest, waist, hips and thigh.  This is about a journey to better health.

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