Is RockIt Mom really healthy?

Posted on 21. Apr, 2010 by in For Kids

There has been some feedback about some posts not being “healthy”.

TRUE, some of the Freebies, Kids Eat Free, Free Ice Cream and chocolates are not true healthy treats. However, you cannot deprive yourself, family and kids of all bad items forever! Everything in moderation!! Special treats give your body and mind the reward it craves. Don’t you work harder when you receive a reward, even if it is small?

You can also be healthy without all the junk. Patron only “healthy” oriented restaurants (Yellow Deli, Rancho’s Mexican, Tina’s Deli, etc.) They are out there you just have to find them.

When out, order your and your child’s meal with fruit or steamed veggies not fries, a dry bun and no cheese on a burger, water or milk not juice or soda. The RockIt Kids are experienced “healthy” customers at restaurants. They request steamed broccoli and grilled chicken breast on the side.

In fact, it was explained years ago, to order your child their own regular meal or share your meal with them when eating out. No need to give the restaurant extra money for a “kids’ meal”. The child(ren) eating your meal will expose them to great foods and obviously more nutritional!

The goal of RockIt Mom is to give tips, recipes, exercises and family fun(sometimes even FREE). This may include some non-healthy, non-traditional items, but live in the moment. Enjoy, take your family out for that FREEBIE and enjoy each other. Isn’t that what it really is all about? You and your family? Enjoying each other, while being healthy 95% of the time?

You will see, if you teach your children how to be healthy and make nutritional choices, they won’t want ice cream, they want strawberries on top of Greek yogurt with honey or agave nectar!!

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